10 Creepy Halloween Decor Ideas

Have you started thinking of your house decoration for Halloween? If you want to make your friends scream as soon as they step outside your door, here are some creepy Halloween decor ideas from odditymall.com which will certainly make others freak out.

Either you intend to have a Halloween party or you’re just inviting a few friends to hang out, these decorations won’t go unnoticed.

Zombie Garden Gnome Sculpture

In case there is a garden outside your house don’t don’t let it go unused. Unless there are young children around, you can use more extreme decorations than pumpkin lanterns. Zombie sculptures or skeleton decorations are great choices to scare your friends and enemies!

Freddy Krueger Wreath

Ghost-shaped Candles

Skeleton Decoration

Shadowy Figure Scary Shower Curtain

Inviting people over to watch a Halloween movie can be more fun if your house decoration is creepy too.

Can you imagine others’ reaction when they face a shadow behind your shower curtain as they visit your bathroom? Or notice bloody hand prints on their glass?

Bloody Hand Pint Glass

Creepy Ghost In The Mirror Wall Plaque That Glows In The Dark

Spooky Halloween Advent Calendar

Skeleton Butler Side Table

For systematic pranksters, jokes like fake tarantulas are petty pranks. You can transform your house into a haunted place with ghosts, vampires and of course poor lighting because everything is scarier in the dark!

Fake Tarantula

How far do you intend to go with your Halloween tricks this year? I’ll make sure not to set foot in your house!

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