Need to Repair Your HVAC System? How to Prepare for Fall

Your HVAC system is an efficient way to both heat and cool your home. However, to maintain that efficiency, your HVAC unit needs regular maintenance. Spring and fall are the best times to get your HVAC unit tuned up. Preparing your HVAC unit for fall involves many of the same steps as spring, but with a few variations.

Clean Everything in and Around the HVAC Unit

Clean the dust and dirt from the outside of the unit, and also change all of your filters. Also, be sure to clear away any dirt and debris that has accumulated around the compressor and coils. Dirty filters and blockages around the coils and the compressor impedes airflow, which reduces efficiency.

Moving parts also need to be lubricated, and you’ll also need to check the wiring to make sure the connections are tight. Also, check for loose hoses and blocked drains. Refill the air conditioner refrigerant levels if needed. Finally, check the thermostat indoors for accuracy.

Tune Up the Furnace

While a spring tune-up concentrates on the air conditioner, the main focus in the fall is your heater. Your furnace heats your home by burning fuel, such as propane or natural gas. With this in mind, it’s also important to check your smoke alarms and gas detectors at this time.

Your furnace tune-up should include cleaning the heat exchanger and making sure the blower fan and ductwork are clean. Also, your furnace may need time to warm up and switch over to heating. Start your heater out at a low temperature, and gradually increase it as the temperature drops.

Emergency Heater Repair

If you don’t clean and tune up your furnace in the fall, winter could see money spent on an expensive emergency heater repair. Of course, fall HVAC maintenance doesn’t guarantee that your furnace won’t break down. But, it can find issues before they can become a problem. Some companies, like The Plumbing Doctor, know that tuning up your HVAC unit in the fall can help to ensure a warm, cozy home all winter long.

Schedule Regular HVAC Maintenance With a Professional

While you can do some tasks yourself, like changing the filters, other tasks are best left to a trained HVAC professional. They have the tools and training to check and fix everything inside your HVAC.

Your HVAC is an important component of your home. Spring and fall maintenance will keep it running efficiently, providing comfort for you and your family.

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