4 Tips for Cooling Your Home More Efficiently

Keeping your home cool helps your family stay comfortable, but paying to keep the place cool can get costly. There are simple things that you can do to be more efficient while trying to cool your home.

Use Fans

Whether you have ducted air conditioning or you use a window unit, fans can help the air conditioning do its work more efficiently. A fan keeps a room from feeling stuffy and spreads cool air throughout your home. Consider setting up a box fan near an AC unit or vent, and keep your ceiling fans running at all times.

Know When to Open Windows and When to Keep Them Closed

When the air outside cools off, you can take advantage of that in order to save power. If you see that the temperature is supposed to turn cool once the sun sets, make a plan to open all of your home’s windows at that point. If you get a random cool day or a cool rainy portion of a day, open your windows and let the cool air inside. When using windows to help cool your home more efficiently, make sure that you close them if it is humid or if hot sunlight is pouring through them.

Avoid Using Large Appliances That Might Add Warmth to a Room

When you run your oven, you release a lot of heat into your kitchen. If you are trying to be efficient with the cooling of your home, you should avoid using the oven on warm days. Your dryer and dishwasher might also add to the warmth in your home, and you should carefully consider whether or not it is worth running them.

Cover Windows With Blinds or Curtains

The sun can bring a lot of warmth into your home, and blocking out some of the sun’s rays can help you as you work to cool off the place. Invest in blinds if you do not already have them in your windows and make sure that they are at least partially closed when the sun is at its peak. Curtains are also a great option for covering windows, and your windows should be covered when the sun first comes up in the morning.

With some thought put in, you can cool your home without spending a ton of money on air conditioning. A few simple lifestyle changes can help you cool the place more efficiently.

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