Actionable Self-Care Tips To Beat The Fall Blues

Fall is around the corner, and the days will be colder and shorter before you imagine. You may experience mood swings as your body and mind adapt to the changing seasons. In fact, countless Canadians report fall blues when the daylight hours get shorter. Addressing them sooner than later can help you build a defense against Seasonal Affective Disorder once the winter chill sets in. Luckily, a little investment in your health can take you a long way. Here are some actionable self-care tips to beat the fall blues. 

Cook with fall veggies

Fall is a delightful season for Canadians as there are several options in vegetables to cook with. Pumpkin will surely be on top of your fall checklist. Add the season’s best with cauliflower, sweet potatoes, squash, beets, broccoli, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts to your daily diet. Fresh produce offers the best nutrition of the season, so you feel healthy. Good health translates into mental well-being.

Spend more time outdoors

The sun may not be as bright as summer, but it is still around in the season. Make the most of it now by staying outdoors when possible. The greenery, fresh air, and sunlight do wonder for your physical and mental health. Moreover, you can replenish your vitamin D levels before rain and snow arrive in the winter. Go for long walks, enjoy family picnics, and choose outdoor exercises instead of sweating out in the gym.

Reset your sleep schedule

Another self-care tip you must embrace in the fall is to reset your sleep schedule. You may encounter sleep deprivation as the night get longer, but staying committed to the eight-hour routine helps. Ditch the gadgets, stick to your bedtime routine, and avoid caffeine to regain control. You can try cannabis instead of sleeping pills to treat sleep issues naturally. It is easy to find a reputable canada cannabis dispensary in your area now that cannabis is legal in the country. Opt for a product that works for you, and steer clear of fall insomnia.

Plan a weekend trip

Planning a weekend trip is another great way to ramp up your self-care plan this season. Consider an outdoor trip as you will probably not get a chance to do it in the winter. A short break can replenish your energy levels and perk your mood. You will feel more enthusiastic about preparing your home for winter and planning the holiday parties once you return from the break. 

Get a wardrobe makeover

A wardrobe makeover is therapeutic as it opens you up the benefits of decluttering and retail therapy. Besides being an excellent self-care measure, a wardrobe refresh makes sense in the fall season. You may need more warm clothes this season, specifically after staying in during the pandemic times. Take stock of your needs and consider your budget to find the best seasonal picks in the market. You can start small and wait for the holiday deals to complete the project.

Self-care should be a part of your life, but it becomes a tad more important when the seasons change. Try these fall wellness ideas to stay ahead of the seasonal blues and be your healthiest best.

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