Need Blinds in Your Home? Why to Replace Your Old Broken Ones

Your old, broken blinds are not only unsightly, but they could also make your home uncomfortable. Broken blinds can let in the summer heat, and also let in the cold during the winter. Moreover, the sun’s UV rays can also damage your upholstery and other interior fabrics.

Updating your window blinds not only ensures your privacy and comfort but can also save you a few dollars on your energy bill. Best of all, you’ll feel proud of how nice your home now looks.

Window Blinds for Insulating Windows

The type of window blinds you choose not only depends on your tastes but also your location and their purpose. For example, if you need to insulate your windows, honeycomb, or cellular shades are a good choice. These fabric shades are made with honeycomb-like pockets that trap air, creating a layer of insulation. You can choose from single-pocket or multi-pocket cellular shades.

Wood, composite, or vinyl shutters also are good options for insulating windows. You’ll have your choice of thin slats, or plantation shutters, with very wide slats. By keeping the louvers closed, you trap air, keeping the room more comfortable.

Blackout Blinds

If you need to sleep during the day, you need blackout or room-darkening shades. These shades can block out all of the light from your windows. Blackout blinds also provide a decent layer of insulation. Blackout shades come in black, but also every other color, including white.

Roman Blinds

This type of fabric blind can be custom-made to match your room. Roman blinds are thick and can create a very cozy look in any room. Also, the thickness of Roman blinds provides window insulation and can be made to blackout a room. While Roman blinds look warm and cozy, they are also bulky.

Measuring for Window Blind Installation

It’s essential to take accurate measurements before buying your blinds. This is especially true for shutters, which need to fit perfectly inside the window frame. If you have custom blinds made locally, they can take the measurements for you.

Window blind installation is generally easy for a handy homeowner. Typically, you only need a drill and a screwdriver to install window blinds. However, having your custom blinds professionally installed is usually very affordable, or sometimes included in the price.

If your current window treatments are old and tattered, it’s time for something new. You’ll be surprised at how affordable custom-made and installed window blinds can be.

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