Understanding Contemporary Décor: 4 Tips to Get Started in the Right Direction

Contemporary décor is a more complicated concept than we often realise. Unlike modern décor, the contemporary approach relies on what is in vogue at the time. Whereas modern décor is cantered around newer tastes, contemporary décor will often combine the old and the new together in perfect harmony. If that intrigues you, read on to know a bit more about making the style work in your own home.

Soft Contradictions

Soft contradictions will be very much a part of any quality interior design that’s influenced by the contemporary approach. However, the contradictions should never feel too harsh, forced, out of place, or in direct opposition with each other. The next point will help you understand the idea here in better clarity.

Blending Minimalism and Luxury

As mentioned, what makes the contemporary décor so wonderful is its ability to seamlessly blend two seemingly opposing décors into one lovely design. For example, when a predominantly monochromatic white, off-white, or cream coloured drawing room in minimalistic décor is complemented with bright, colourful, and luxuriously comfy seats, the effect created is a perfect example of soft contradictions in contemporary décor. The ensuing effect is both aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and functionally practical. The room itself acts as a backdrop to the furniture, which are now each a feature piece of the interior design.

Quality and Craftsmanship Are of Paramount Importance

We just learned how to use the backdrop of a monochromatic drawing room to our advantage and turn the furniture into focal points. However, that also means each piece in that room must be worthy of that attention. As a result, we cannot compromise on the quality of material or the actual craftsmanship here. To see just how beautiful the soft blending of two or more styles can be with the right contemporary furniture, visit the virtual showroom on ligne-roset-hampstead.co.uk.

Avoiding Too Many Focal Points

Just like modern décor, contemporary décor is also based on minimalism to at least some degree. We are not going to let the final design be too limited by the extremes of minimalism, but it is still a good idea to avoid too many focal points. For example, having comfy, colourful, and gorgeous drawing room seats is both functional and aesthetic, but you can still add to the minimalistic theme of your drawing room by choosing monochromatic tables and stools with clear lines that match the walls and the ceilings in perfect harmony. 

Such a choice would also continue that trend of creating soft contrasts, thanks to the colourful seats around them. You also have the option to add further variety by keeping the monochrome and the clear lines, while opting for a darker (black, grey) shade instead. However, if your contemporary décor is primarily based on minimalistic architecture, try to avoid adding too many focal points in the same room as that creates visual clutter, taking away the soft aesthetic effect.

As a final tip, experts recommend being careful with the light fixtures. The lighting design should be created for bright and complete illumination, but only when necessary. Multiple, hidden, and ambient light sources with separate dimmer switches allow for amazing control over setting the mood in any room.

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