6 Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Child’s Teacher

When you’re an outsider, teaching may look like a comfortable role with weekends and holidays off work, but the harsh reality is that teachers commit a considerable amount of time to your children – even when they’re not actually working. Therefore, it’s always a welcome surprise when parents go out of their way to show their appreciation. Here’s how you can do so.

Send Them a Gift

Sending a gift to your teacher is commonplace when the school year comes to an end, but it will stand out a lot more if you send gifts for teachers at other times including Teacher Appreciation Week. If you’re struggling to choose the perfect teachers gifts, then follow the link for some much-needed inspiration. 

Offer to Help Out

Buying your child’s teachers gifts isn’t the only way to show your appreciation. Alongside your thoughtful gift, you can commit some of your precious time to helping out in their class. Given how demanding teaching is, they almost always appreciate parents helping out. However, you will need to have a DBS check, which makes sure you’re not hiding any relevant criminal offences. 

Simply Say Thank You

If you don’t have the time to help out or the money to buy a gift, you can show your appreciation by simply saying “thank you”. To make this gesture extra special, you can involve your child by having them make a card for their teacher. This type of appreciation will be cherished by a teacher forever, and will often make it up onto the wall. 

Appreciate Their Time

As mentioned previously, a teacher’s working day extends far behind what your child sees in the classroom. They have lessons to plan, papers to grade, additional tutoring, parent’s evening, and so many more commitments. With this in mind, you can show appreciation by respecting their time. For example, if you get in touch and don’t hear back immediately, just have a little patience and remember they’re busy people. 

Just Be Supportive

Teachers have a hard enough job as it is, so don’t become just another obstacle to overcome. Instead, become an ally and find ways you can help out. For example, their classroom may be short on supplies, so do some research to find out where they can be purchased at a low price. If you’ve got room in your budget, go above and beyond and buy the supplies as a gift. 

Send in Morning Fuel

If your child is in primary school and you do the school run, why not swing by a coffee shop on the way and treat them to some much-needed morning energy? Alternatively, get them a coffee gift card so they can get a pick-me-up whenever they need it. As well as being low-cost, this will score you some serious brownie points. 

Teachers spend a significant amount of their time committed to giving your child the best education possible, so pay it forward by showing unwavering appreciation. Your gesture can be anything from a simple thank you note to giving your time to help out. 

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