Sound On Sound Music Festival: Where Medieval Meets Modern

Dive into the slightly confusing, yet wildly entertaining world of the Sound On Sound music festival. Where attendees are equally likely to sport medieval armor as they are vintage band tees, and where the only predictable thing is the unpredictable.

SOS! How it All Began:

Sound On Sound (SOS) Fest wasn’t just birthed on a whim. It evolved from the heartbeats of music aficionados who craved a festival that wasn’t another mainstream mega-event but rather a beautiful oddball in the festival landscape.

The year was 2016, and the atmosphere in Austin, Texas, was electric with rumors of a new festival. This wasn’t particularly surprising; after all, Austin is the self-proclaimed “Live Music Capital of the World.” But whispers around town suggested that this wasn’t just another music festival—it was going to be different, edgier, and a tad quirkier.

Launched by some of the former big brains behind the beloved (yet sadly now-defunct) Fun Fun Fun Fest, the goal was to craft an event that combined the whimsical elements of a medieval Renaissance fair with the heady beats of contemporary music. Why? Because why not? As the city where keeping things weird is a civic duty, it was only fitting to have a festival that was a delightful blend of history and modern-day artistry.

The festival creators seemed to operate on a simple philosophy: combine the unexpected. Set it in the Sherwood Forest Faire venue—a replica medieval village that typically hosted family-friendly Renaissance fairs—and populate it with some of the edgiest bands from across genres. The result? A festival where jousting and jamming out went hand in hand.

From its inception, the Sound On Sound Fest was a breath of fresh, albeit medieval-scented, air. It stood out as a testament to Austin’s commitment to pushing boundaries, celebrating uniqueness, and embracing the deliciously weird.

With its debut, SOS sent a clear message: In the world of festivals, it’s not always about being the biggest or the most glamorous. Sometimes, it’s about being the most unforgettable. And SOS, with its eclectic blend of the past and the present, was truly hard to forget.

Fashion: From Knight Armor to Vintage Flair:

Wondering what to wear?

Anything goes, literally. While some festival clothes are donned in their finest chainmail, others sport skinny jeans and band tees.

Leather jackets? Check.

Floral crowns? Check.

Full-on wizard robes with high-tops? Double-check.

The motto is: “Be you, even if the ‘you’ today is a post-apocalyptic elf with a love for hip-hop.” At Sound On Sound music festival you will people wearing rave sets, which are clothes for electronic music, or even vintage outfits, or cowboy you are free to decide.

Remember, if anyone questions your attire, they’re probably the ones out of place.

Noteworthy Acts:

Over the years, the SOS lineup provided an audacious mix of punk, indie, hip-hop, and more. With big names like Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Iggy Pop, and Vince Staples gracing the stage, there was no shortage of tunes to groove to. The festival was a haven for both international sensations and local Texan gems.

Packing 101 for SOS:

Thinking of attending? Here’s your unconventional checklist:

  1. Ears – You’re gonna need them.
  2. A Map – It’s a forest, remember?
  3. Quirky Outfits – The weirder, the better.
  4. Comfortable Shoes – Dancing in medieval boots is not advised.
  5. A Jester Hat – Because why not?
  6. Confidence – To rock out with your unique self out!

Remember to check the festival’s rules, though. They might be fun, but there’s still a limit to the shenanigans!

Closing Notes:

If you ever wondered what a Renaissance fair would look like if it was invaded by indie music enthusiasts, look no further than the Sound On Sound Fest. With its undying spirit, unmatched vibe, and a mishmash of aesthetics, SOS is the embodiment of “expect the unexpected.” Whether you’re there for the music, the fashion, or just the novelty of it all, it promises an unforgettable experience. So, lace up your corset, grab your electric guitar, and embark on a time-traveling musical journey!

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