The Benefits of Going Private for Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an intimate experience where your body craves the best support and care available. It therefore makes sense that more and more women are opting for private practice care to look after them and their babies from antenatal to postnatal and everything in between. This post takes a look at the benefits of going private for your pregnancy journey. 

A Consistent Team Around You

When you opt for using a service like the London Pregnancy Clinic, you get a bespoke experience from the minute you step foot in the door. Knowing that you have a consistent team around you for the duration of your pregnancy is invaluable at a time in life when anxiety is bound to be high and your body needs the best support it can get. Knowing who will be in the room and this being reciprocal will do wonders for your mindset when it comes to the big day. 

Luxury Birthing Suites

There are also luxurious birthing suites which will make the whole experience that bit more zen. During birth, the body is put under immense stress. Having the option of peaceful surroundings and countless amenities will only improve your sense of peace and help you relax into the experience as much as possible. It also means you can take the space in comfort post-birth to enjoy the essential bonding time with your baby. 

Advanced Equipment for Antenatal Care

Another advantage is that private clinics tend to have top-range up-to-date equipment in their facilities. This means from the very first scan you will be able to feel the benefit of recent innovations in the world of pregnancy and stay with your journey until you get back home after the birth of your child. Each scan will be detailed and informative, and there will be a higher caliber of screening, intervention, and information throughout. 

A More Personalised Experience

The feeling of knowing that your doctor is 100% on your team, knows you, and has invested in your pregnancy is something irreplaceable. Pregnancy is such a personal thing that it feels hard to share it with strangers, even if they are medical professionals with a  duty of care to you and the baby. Having everything more personalised and therefore personable is a brilliant way to do pregnancy. It feels so much more relaxing and you generally feel more nurtured too. 

Better Post-Natal Care

Finally, the post-natal care options are often superior to public healthcare sectors. Once you have given birth there will be more opportunity to rest and recoup, with no pressure to free up a bed or move on out for the next new parent. You will again be surrounded by your team who have stood by you from the very first scan, and they will stick with you through all the fourth trimester trips and appointments too. 

Private pregnancy clinics are becoming a must-have option for women carrying a life. Giving birth is one of the most challenging things in the world regardless of who is doing it. There is a natural anxiety, so anything that can quell that is always worth exploring. A personalised experience and a team who stays by your side are invaluable. 

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