DIY Ideas: Alternative Christmas Trees


Are you bored of decorating your Christmas tree every year in the same way?
Forget the usual green tree with Christmas balls and ornaments and be more creative with these ideas I discovered on Pinterest.

This is the tree I want for me!

Now you have an excuse not to lend your books

Celebrate Christmas and keep the birds away

Can you believe I don’t have an umbrella?

 For your baby’s bedroom

Great for schools to create on a blackboard

Another excuse to ask back the books you have lent
Take your tree with you wherever you go

With this tree you can also play Jenga

I want to create this one, but not only for Christmas

Luckily the kids won’t remove the balls

I did make a similar small one

Just make sure you won’t need your ladder during the holidays

I know somebody who would love this one

How clever!

A reason to start drinking

Good use of your ex’s belongings

Recycle your newspapers

Before you throw away old catalogues

Christmas tree for your fridge

Don’t even think asking to borrow my ladder

I know I have kept a few hangers somewhere to try this, but where are they?
The neighbours won’t realise you film them

What do you think?
Are you going to be more innovative this year?

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