Curtain necklaces

It is obvious that I have named this kind of jewellery ‘curtain’ because their form reminds me of curtains. My favourite accessories are those with simple components, like small beads, but they are usually the ones which take more time to make and require a lot of patience.
I remember a few years ago when I was making this kind of jewellery I realised that I may be more patient than I thought. I came to this conclusion when a whole package of beads emptied on the floor, I picked them up, it fell again, I collected them again and then I started my work.

For these necklaces I have used memory wire on the neck. Memory wire is a durable wire which doesn’t easily bend and it retains its shape. I decorated them with small beads. Then I cut small pieces of beading wire cord of 0,6mm, filled them with beads and with a pair of pliers I bended their edges and joined each with the next one.

To make this necklace I used two different colours of cords on the neck and the hanging parts, a chain which I cut into pieces and purple plastic beads. To make the chains more joyful I used metal pendants of different shapes like fish, butterfly and shoe.

You can match these necklaces with bracelets made with memory wire. I can give you ideas in a following post.

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