10 mishaps on a blind date

You have taken the big decision and you’re going on a blind date hoping this is the beginning of a big love, you’re about to meet the man of your dreams and you will finally find your soul mate. But could something go wrong?

1. One of the worst things which can happen is to realise that this is someone you’ve been on a date before and has already dumped you. If you like him though, this is your chance to make him change his mind.

2. Your friend had described him as Brad Pitt, but you find more resemblance between him and Freddy Krueger.

3. He’s someone YOU dumped after a date and never called again. The world is so small after all. Now you’ll have to come up with some good excuses.

4. Yes, God owes you a man like this. He’s exactly what you’ve been expecting your whole life.. You can’t hide your smile as you’re walking towards him in your sexiest walk when you slip and fall in front of his eyes.

5. The date goes great and you’re glad you finally met a man like this. You’re already dreaming about your next date or even your wedding when his mobile phone rings and he tells you it’s time to say goodbye because he has to go somewhere else. Maybe only you are enjoying this date.

6. He has just broken up with his girlfriend and he needs to tell you everything about her, their relationship and what went wrong. At the end he says how happy he is as your date made him forget about this greedy, stupid ***** he doesn’t want to see again. Do you want a second date with him?

7. You meet and he’s got a great surprise for you, he has brought his mum with him. His mum would be in the area and they thought it was a good idea to go out all together. Do I need to say more?

8. You meet, you have a great time and when you return home you find out there is something on your teeth which must have been there for a long time. Now you wonder if he’s going to call you again.

9. It’s a fun date, you seem to have a lot in common and as you’re talking with him you see two girls approaching you. They’re some old friends from school who decide to sit with you and remember the old days. Of course they remember to mention all your embarrassing moments of the past. The highlight is that one of them seems to be attracted to your date.

10. And the worst of all is to start feeling sick and run to the bathroom. Then mishap number 7 doesn’t look bad anymore.

Has anything funny happened to you during a date? Tell us your story.

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