Do you want Jennifer Aniston’s hair?

In a previous poll  you had to choose the celebrity with the best hairstyle and the big winner is Jennifer Aniston with 32% of your votes. Her hair has been very popular since her first appearance as Rachel Greene on ‘Friends’. Although the ‘Rachel’ hairstyle was so trendy,
Jennifer wasn’t a big fan of it.

Most women desire her golden highlights, but did she always have such beautiful hair?

Looking at her younger photos, you can see that even a star like Jennifer wasn’t born with the perfect hair.

Although she is well known with blonde hair, she has experimented a lot with different shades of blonde.

Rachel Greene’s hairstyle



Except for the ‘Rachel’ hair which was cut in layers, we have seen her with shorter and longer styles, with bangs and curls. She even returned to her dark hair for some roles.

-If you’re a fan of her hair colour, you should address to a professional as it is too risky to try to get highlights on your own. 
-A good hairdresser will tell you if you can achieve this colour or if this is something you should avoid.
-If your hair is very dark, it is very probable that you’ll end up with orange highlights. 

-Your hair quality is another factor you must take into consideration. The process of highlighting may damage your hair.
-Jennifer has bright highlights in gold tones, so you shouldn’t try to make light highlights, but bright ones instead.
-Many times we want to imitate celebrities’ hair. You should know that their hair colour is usually a combination of different shades. Apart from highlights, lowlights may be also required for the desired result.
-On Jennifer’s hair, lighter highlights around her face make her eye colour show more.

-If you intend to go to a hair salon, maybe you should have with you a photo of the hair you want, so that you ensure you have made it clear. Nevertheless, the same colour isn’t always easy to achieve.
-In case you manage to have highlights similar to Jennifer’s, you should also apply the appropriate products to maintain the colour.



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