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Dating is different for everybody, and this difference is in part dependent on the point you have reached as a couple. From first dates, to date nights with a partner of many years however, the simple act of spending an evening together has an important role in the formation and maintenance of any healthy relationship. Taking time out of your busy schedules to spend some quality time together
, or getting to know someone one on one for the very first time, is great fun, and a fab excuse to get glammed up. On a first date or early in a relationship you will feel more confident at your best so getting dolled up might give you an extra boost. For those in longer-term relationships, its nice to get dressed up and go out with the one you love.

Start with a little pampering session. Take some time out to soak in the bath or have a long shower with all the products in your bathroom cabinet that you’ve been meaning to get around to using. Dating is all about confidence and feeling your best, and a bit of self-indulgence and a few nice products make you feel lovely all over. Once you have buffed, polished and bronzed to perfection you can start thinking about what to wear.
What to wear on a date depends a lot on what you will be doing. Try and find out as much as possible beforehand about where you are going so you can tailor your outfit accordingly. Match the tone of the venue and you can’t go far wrong, and, if in doubt, overdressing slightly won’t do any harm. Ladylike is usually best when out for the evening, whether it’s an evening dress to a formal event or the theatre, or a more casual dress or skirt for dinner at a local restaurant. Why not buy a new dress for the occasion and feel extra special. There are some amazing dresses in the range from George at ASDAthat help you look a million dollars but without the price tag to match.

Accessories and makeup are best kept simple so you can let your personality shine through. This also means you can have more colour or patterns in your outfit without it being OTT. If you prefer to express yourself with your makeup and jewellery, then try to stick to neutral colours and cuts for your clothes, so as not to detract from what you have to say. Stick to the old rule of eyes or lips, so if you go heavy on eye makeup then keep a nude or natural toned lip. If you go for red or bright lipstick then ease up on the eyes, and remember, if you are eating on your date that lipstick might not stay put.

Dates and date nights are great fun and a fantastic way to get to know someone new, or just to spend time with your partner. Showcase your best side and win his heart for the first time, or have him fall head over heels all over again.

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