Summer Lovin’ Tag

The Summer isn’t gone yet and although I am not a big fan of this season, 
Andrea from Colour your life invited me to be a part of the ‘Summer Loving Tag’ and I couldn’t refuse.
I had to answer the questions below and here is what I answered.

1. Which is your favorite lipstick this summer?

When I love a product I stick to it. So, it’s this nude shade from LR that it’s my first choice when it comes to lipstick even if it isn’t a summer colour.
I stick to this lipstick!

2. Which is your favorite polish this summer?

I have used these shades the most.

3. Which is your favorite  swimwear for this summer?

I bought this one-piece swimwear from Triumph.

4. Which is your favorite Frappuccino from Starbucks?

I don’t drink coffee.

5. Which is your favorite self-tanner?

I don’t use one.

6. Which is your favorite summer song?

What would you say about this?

7. Which is your favorite summer accessory?

These sandals I made for myself

and these espadrilles

8. Which is your favorite summer perfume?

My husband bought me this pink apple by Nina Ricci on my nameday in autumn and since then I’ve been wearing it a lot. I wouldn’t call it a Summer scent though.


9. Which is your favorite summer book?

Shame on me, but this Summer I didn’t read any books.


A book that I read last Summer and loved it was Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. I hope the upcoming film doesn’t disappoint me.

10. What do you want to do the most this summer?

This Summer I didn’t do much, but next year I would like to travel abroad. Italy would be a great close destination!

Now I have to tag other bloggers. I really don’t know who would like to answer these questions.
Do you want to be next?

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