My Pink Dress from Vessos

I love Pink! I could live in a pink room, pink house, pink world forever!
In the past I used to have a lot of pink Summer clothes, but as I am growing older I tend to wear this colour less.
I ordered this dress from not because of the colour, but because I like its style and the fact that the size is adjustable to your body thanks to the straps on the back. 

I like the flowers on the shoulder and the quality looks very good. Only the inner lining could have been made better, but I don’t think it shows. 

I ordered it in XL and I was scared it might be small around my belly, but fortunately it fits me. As I have lost weight I think I could fit in Large too. Of course I’m wearing my tight body shaper in these photos!

I was surprised to find a pair of silicone straps in my package. I didn’t use them this time, but they’re convenient for strapless dresses.



You can find the dress here. You won’t believe how much it costs!
I also ordered this bracelet which you can find here. I would love this design as a necklace too, so I’m thinking of adding some chain.


For the end, I have left this hair accessory. It was available in three shades which you can find here, but I chose white to go with everything.

I also used it on an easy hairstyle. I’m not going to give the details about it, it was done in such a hurry! Then I realised I didn’t have time to experiment with my hair, so as you can see in the photos I wore my hair loose in the end.

Before this order I hadn’t heard of, but I was satisfied with what I received and I’ll order again.
They also have men’s clothes and even wedding dresses, all in very affordable prices. Have you shopped from them?


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