Castalia Chronoderm Vitamine C Review

Although I’ve wanted to write about this set of Castalia Chronoderm Vitamine C, Chronoderm Active 5 Serum & Sensial Crème Hydratante Apaisante for a few weeks, I waited until I had been using them for two months to make sure that it isn’t too soon to have a clear viewpoint.

Around Christmas I received these three products and I have been using them daily since then.

I intended to talk about all the three together in this post, but when I started writing about Chronoderm Vitamine C the review came out too long, so for today I will only focus on this product.

The package I tried included 3 little bottles, but there are also packages with 14 vials which can save you money. The vials have two compartments.  Vitamin C in powder form is hidden inside the cap – to be protected against light and humidity – ready to be mixed with the serum required to activate the vitamin C.

When I saw the packaging I was worried I was going to ruin it, but it was very simple to activate the mixture. Just turn the cap clockwise and the powder reveals, shake well and then turn the cap from the other direction to open it. Then you can throw the cap away and replace it with the applicator. (Remember to keep the applicator when the bottle finishes as you are going to need it for the rest of the bottles)

The packaging says that each vial lasts for 4 doses (morning and night use), but it took me more days to finish them. Especially with the first one I was afraid the content wouldn’t be enough as I was a little silly and I thought it was for 4 days day and night and not two days. Nevertheless, it’s written on the packaging that the product must be used in 3 days. Anyway, because of my misunderstanding my first vial lasted at least for a week and I didn’t notice any discomfort or irritation.
When I first applied the product I had no idea how long I was supposed to use it or if I needed to wait some time until I go on with the second vial, so I had a break between the first and second bottle. 
During this break I srarted using Castalia Chronoderm Active 5 Serum which I will also review soon as I’m still using it.
The liquid has a discreet smell and it isn’t oilyAfter that, I use my moisturising cream.
I have a very sensitive skin prone to acne and when I use it I feel nothing at all. 
As for the results, I have already seen that it works. This product claims to :
  • provide a strong anti-oxidant action
  • stimulate collagen synthesis
  • reduce wrinkles and age spots
  • brighten skin
What I noticed on my skin is that it is more clear. I haven’t used the product on the area near my eyes and it is obvious that I have some brown spots like freckles on the bone under my eyes while they are not so visible on the rest of my face where I used the liquid.

In addition, for a couple of years I’ve have a big brown spot on my forehead. It hasn’t disappeared, but I think it is less intense.
All in all, I think Castalia Chronoderm Vitamine C is a worthwhile product and I will definitely repurchase it. I have found the set with 14 vials in various online shops from 24 to 30 euros. This time I will try to consume each vial in 2-3 days! And I could use the remaining liquid on my hands.

Have you used it? If you would like to give it a try, you could start with the small package. 

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