The Defining Features Of Your Face You Need To Emphasize

Makeup is incredible, it can completely change a person’s face if it is applied correctly. With huge stars like the Kardashians leading the way in makeup trends, sometimes it feels difficult to keep up. However, what they are achieving isn’t that difficult. At the moment, makeup is all about definition. Accentuating the areas of your face that you are most proud of.
Below are the most defining features of your face, and what you can do to make them really stand out.

Cheek Bones

Contouring is absolutely massive in the celebrity world right now, but we can achieve the look just as easily as them. First you need a really dark powder, which you should apply along your cheekbone. Then apply highlighter above the dark shadow you have created. Add some sparkly bronzer if you are feeling adventurous and really want to emphasize. Make sure both sides match up and wallah! You look as fabulous as Lindsay Lohan did in her mugshot!


Thick, full, defined eyebrows are what’s in right now. Think Cara Delevingne. No overly plucked eyebrows, but no marker pen eyebrows either! Whether you have naturally thick eyebrows that you just want to touch up, or no eyebrows, you can work this trend. First you need to shape your eyebrows using tweezers and some small scissors. Then use a brow pencil to define the outline of your brows, this is really important for the shape. Once you’ve done this, you need to fill them in. There’s some great Anastasia makeup like pomades which would be the best at achieving this. Their pomade is great because your brows still look natural rather than overly filled in, and they will last all day!


Kylie Jenner has made sure that big lips are in, and it seems like they are here to stay. It is very important to work on the shape of your lips in order to emphasize them. You should always apply lip liner to succeed with this. First you should draw a cross at the top of your lips to create a cupid’s bow. Then, line the rest of your lips, as well as drawing a few faint lines towards the center of your lips to help with blending. Then apply a lipstick a similar shade to your liner. You can draw slightly over your real lips if you’d prefer the Kylie look, but I personally prefer to keep them looking natural. Pick a darker color to make more of an impact!


Eyes are the windows to your soul, so it’s important to dress them up! In terms of eyeshadow, go for a classic smoky eye to draw serious attention. Cats eye eyeliner is very in this season. This involves starting your liquid eyeliner flick right at the inside of your eye, by your tear duct. This look would take some perfecting, so be sure to try it out a couple of times first! Another great great way to define your eyes is to use white eyeliner. Putting a small amount right on the inside corner of your eye will really make them pop.

We are all battling to be noticed in a crowd, these tips may just help that. What’s your signature defining feature? Let me know!

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