Everything You Need for a Glamorous Wedding

Weddings are wonderful affairs no matter how you decide to style yours, but you want to make sure that it suits you down to the ground. There are lots of different themes you can go for; one of the most popular being the glamorous wedding. If you’d love this type of wedding, here’s everything you need:


A Luxurious Gown

 For a glamorous wedding, one of the most important things is the gown. The gown actually helps to set the scene for the day; if it’s big and glam, then the whole day will feel so much more glamorous. You don’t necessarily need a huge gown to be glam; you could have something elegant with a bit of sparkle. Just make sure your wedding dress stands out and gives off that glamorous feeling.

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A Classy Colour Scheme

 A classy colour scheme is a must for a glamorous wedding. Many people like to go for neutral colours when they want a classy wedding, or even black and white. It’s totally up to you; you should be able to make most colours work, but take into account the mood that colours can create.

 Lots of Sparkle

 A glam wedding needs lots of sparkle, so make sure you add it where possible. Wear nice jewellery, add sparkle to your decor, your flowers, and anywhere else you see fit.

 A Beautiful Venue

 A beautiful venue will be the perfect backdrop to a glamorous wedding. It’s all down to your tastes and preferences, but you should be able to make anything work. Marquee hire can be a good option for anybody that wants something a little different. Castles, halls, and other extravagant options make the whole day seem more glamorous too.

Top Notch Food and Drink

 A glamorous wedding needs top notch food and drink to succeed. Your guests will appreciate well presented, tasty food. The dishes don’t need to be big or complicated; they just need to taste nice and be well presented. Drink could include nice wines, champagne, and other classy beverages.

 Beautiful Flowers

 Flowers are expensive, but you can’t deny that they help a wedding day to seem far more beautiful. Depending on the kind of flowers you pick, you can set the tone for your glamorous day. Some flowers are more expensive than others, so look into cheaper alternatives if you don’t have enough budget to spare.

A Huge Cake

 A nice big cake will draw attention and look amazing, just make sure you get it made by a professional so that it looks the best. Make sure it’s elegant and classy. The more tiers you have, the more expensive it is.

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 Make sure you have everything on this list and you’re sure to have a glamorous wedding just perfect for you and your partner. You only get one big wedding day, so make sure you make the most of it and make it as memorable as possible. Just be sure to leave a decent amount of budget for a photographer, as this is how you’ll remember your day!

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