Holiday Fashion and Makeup Tips!


I don’t know about you, but I love everything about going on holiday. I love the fact I have an excuse to buy new clothes, treat myself to new makeup, and of course getting away from it all! Here I thought I’d share with you my favourite holiday fashion and makeup tips. 
Hope you enjoy!

Research the Things to Do on Your Trip

When you know what you want to do before you head on your trip, you can plan your outfits accordingly. This will stop you from panicking once you’re there so you can completely relax. If you’re going to a place with a lot of clubs and you plan on going out most nights, then you’ll need plenty of dressy outfits. However, if this is a relaxing holiday and the most exciting thing you’ll be doing is catching a tan, you’ll just need lots of light casual clothing. You can find more information really easily whether you’re going to Africa or Australia. You might even be able to find specific recommendations on what to wear! Making sure you take the right kind of shoe is so important too – you’re not going to want to be tottering around in high heels if the floor is cobblestoned.


Be Respectful of Locals

In some places it’s customary to be respectful of the locals. You may need to cover certain areas or dress more reservedly. Some places don’t mind at all and you can wear whatever you like. Make the effort to be more respectful if you have to be.

Pack Layers, Just In Case

You don’t know with some countries whether the weather will be the same in the afternoon as it was in the morning. Some places do have unexpected downpours, and night time might be chilly. Pack layers and you’ll be well prepared for any eventuality. You can throw on a layer if it’s chilly in the evening and just as easily take it off. Layered looks also look way more interesting! Don’t forget to accessorize either.

Take Lighter Makeup for Warmer Climates

If you’re heading somewhere warmer, beware that your makeup might slide right off your face. It’s advisable you take lighter makeup so you don’t sweat it off too much! There’s nothing worse than a cakey face when you’re in a hot country. Try to go more natural by using BB creams instead of foundation at least.

BB cream

Experiment a Little

Sometimes you can use holidays as an excuse to experiment a little. If you’re going somewhere like Ibiza, you could afford to do your makeup in a seriously far out way and wear whatever you like. If there’s something you’ve been dying to try but you haven’t had the guts to do it, go for it! Nobody knows you here and anything goes most places.

glam flat

These tips will ensure you have the best time and that you’re well prepared wherever you’re going. Have fun with your outfits but remember to stay respectful if you need to be or you might get unwanted attention!


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