Create an Unforgettable Wedding Album

Years after your wedding, you’ll have your memories to travel you back to time and to this special day. Your wedding’s photo album will also be an irrefutable witness of how you felt on that unique day.
These photos will not just be a bridge to the past for you and your family, but they will give your descendants the chance to get to know you better.

These tips will help you create an unforgettable wedding album:

Find your photographer

Friends who have been recently married are a great source to help you find the appropriate photographer to depict your happiness on the paper. Looking at another couple’s bridal album you can see if you like the result and it may lead you to a good photographer.
Even if their album doesn’t cover your requirements, the gaps that you will detect on their album will make you realise what photos you want to include in yours.

Meet the photographer in advance

Although you may have seen your photographer’s work online or on somebody else’s photos, that’s not enough to guarantee the desirable result.
You need to talk with your photographer before the wedding. If you can’t meet in person, talk on the phone and make sure to have kept notes of details you wouldn’t like him to miss at your wedding. Make a list of highlights you’d like to have in your album as well as the people you want to be included in your photos.

Make your album personal

Your family and acquaintances are going to browse your photo album and admire how great you looked on your special moment, but don’t forget that, above all, this album was made for you. So, you need to give it a character, your character!
An image can say a thousand words. If you enjoyed this day, you laughed, you cried, you worried, don’t hesitate to show it in your photos. You don’t have to look always perfect, let your photographer capture spontaneous moments and leave some space in your album for funny photos too.

Photo credit: Katerina Cotten Photography

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