Your Guide to Styling Dresses in the Day

Wearing dresses in the day needn’t feel unnatural or uncomfortable. Why save a nice dress for a night out, when you could wear it any time you liked? Wearing dresses in the day can still be really casual, or smart casual. Whatever type of look you’d like to create, you can with a dress. Use this guide to help you style yours:

Pick the Perfect Dress

My favorite dresses to wear in the day are cotton dresses. Maybe in a skater style, or an oversized style. That being said, you can get away with just about any style that you’d like to make work. By going clothes shopping online you can find multiple styles that will work for you.

Pick a Pair of Tights

Tights with a dress will help you to dress it down. It layers the dress a little too, and will keep you warm. You can go for a plain pair of tights, or a patterned pair of tights depending on the look you’re going for. Go for a thick pair if it’s extra cold outside, or you might regret wearing a dress at all. If you’re wearing knee high boots, you can get away with not wearing any tights, but only then!

thick tights

Add Comfortable Shoes

Comfortable shoes are a must. Again, it depends on the look you’d like to create. If you want to look girly, dolly shoes will work. If you want to add a tough vibe, boots. If you want to be more laid back and casual, then pumps or trainers are perfect. Some people love how a fancy dress can look with a pair of laidback trainers!

comfortable shoes

Throw Over a Jumper, Jacket or Cardigan

Sometimes, you can get away with wearing the dress on its own, but you can make it look even better with something layered over the top. Throw on a jumper, jacket or cardigan to keep you warm and add to your look.

throw on a cardigan

Play With Your Accessories

Play with your accessories to see what you can do with your look. Try on a hat, or maybe even a scarf if you’re wearing the dress during winter. You could layer up jewelry, try different bags, you name it. A satchel or rucksack can help to dress down any dress. Using lots of different materials will add to the layered look you’re going for.

Consider Hair and Makeup

Consider your hair and makeup too if you’re styling a dress during the day. You don’t want to look too glam, so practice more laid back hairstyles and a natural makeup look. Don’t go OTT with anything so that you nail the casual look.

my loose curls

Hopefully you now feel more confident to wear your dresses during the day. There’s absolutely no reason you shouldn’t wear them and get your use out of them. Don’t let them sit in your wardrobe gathering dust! Wear what makes you feel most comfortable and you’ll look way more confident in whatever you wear. Enjoy experimenting with your wardrobe!

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