How To Make Your Wedding More Memorable

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Weddings seem to fly by in a whirl of excitement. Just a few weeks after the biggest event of your life, the details can seem a little hazy. You might hear stories of your own wedding that just don’t marry up with your memories of the day. As the bride, you have so much to do. It’s not just that you’re giddy with excitement.

You have to meet and greet guests, spend time socialising, and even help manage the activities of the day.

There are plenty of things you can do to help make every bit of your day as memorable as possible. Start by stepping back as a planner. Let someone else take the helm. That way you can spend more time enjoying yourself instead of worrying about all the little details. Ask someone else to coordinate things on the day for you. Then you can be a part of the day rather than a manager!

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Keepsakes are a fantastic way to help you and your guests remember your wedding. Personalised gifts with your details are ideal. Jewellery, trinket boxes, and ornaments all make beautiful keepsakes. Each can bear your names and the date of the wedding. Each time your guests look at them, they will be reminded of your beautiful day.

Your wedding photographer is essential to recording and preserving those magical moments from your wedding. According to this Wedding Photographer, the venue has a huge part to play in making your wedding beautiful and memorable. As you look at the setting or landscape in the photographs, you will be reminded of what that day felt like to be there. Be sure your photographer accurately records the details of your wedding day, including the beauty of your location.

Many couples are literally making a song and dance of their wedding reception. More and more people are choreographing the First Dance to ensure all the guests can fully participate. There is often a shock quality to it by performing the unexpected. This helps to make it all the more memorable. Many guests like to video these events so that it can be uploaded to YouTube and social media. This helps give the moment longevity.

Staging each part of your wedding can help make each of them more memorable. Ask your wedding planner to share a formal schedule of events for the day. You could start with your bridal breakfast. Then it will be time for styling and dressing. Once your family have arrived, you will all ride in the wedding car to your ceremony venue. Walking down the aisle should definitely be a memorable moment. Finally, you will both say your vows and be married.

The reception should be just as memorable as the earlier part of the day. It’s the time for your friends and family to celebrate with you. There will be toasts and speeches. The cake will be cut. You may also have a formal sit-down meal. Your photographer should be on hand to capture all these moments. You can make them more memorable by noting them down. Include the details in your wedding album. Enjoy your beautiful and memorable day.


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