Santa, You’Ve Got Mail! What we don’t want for Christmas (Worst gifts)

I’ve always believed in Santa Claus and I always will. I still have a couple of things he brought me when I was little. I never wrote him a letter because I didn’t want to be demanding, I knew he had to please so many kids all around the world. And above all, he knew I had been a good girl, so I was sure he wouldn’t forget to put something in his sack for me too.


While Santa has always been great, I have received a few gifts from time to time by friends and family that made me say to myself : ‘What were they thinking?’

Of course it’s the nice gesture that counts and it doesn’t matter if the gift is what we expected or not, but let’s see it from a more humourous aspect.

One of the gifts I received in the past and I wanted to scream ‘Nooooo’ was a little bunny or something like that. There was nothing wrong with the gift itself, but it was given to me by my boss while what I was expecting was money!

bunnyWhere’s my money?


I am very bad to be mentioning the next one, but I still remember how I laughed when I opened this gift. It was an old friend who gave it to me. When I opened the gifts after my birthday party I stared at it trying to figure out what it was. I ended up thinking it was an accessory and then I continued laughing.


-Will you marry me? -I won’t!

Sometimes bridal gifts can be funny too. I think I need to write a special post only about wedding gifts, but I can’t help mentioning this present I received for my wedding. It was a religious book and inside there was a piece of paper with my name written at the top. This paper had…instructions on the relationship between the bride and her mother in law. Weird! If a friend had given it to me it would have been funny, but it was from a woman I hardly know. 

I still don’t know if she wanted me to take it seriously

Books can be a risky gift if you aren’t aware of the other’s taste. Not all women like romance books! I have received books I didn’t like and I guess I have given a couple too.

Don’t buy this book!

Big items which require to be hanged on the wall, like pictures and clocks can be trouble too. I once got a huge ‘No Smoking’ sign clock. As much as I liked the message, I had nowhere to put it.

I can’t see the time to meet you!

I just remembered a funny thing that happened when I was little and went on vacations at my grandparents’ country house. The neighbour’s son came to bring a box with chocolates that his mum had bought for us. When we opened the box, it was almost empty. Apparently, that guy with his friend had eaten the rest.

Who can say no to chocolate?

Back to Christmas gifts. When my first kid was little my mum bought us a Santa that played music. The baby started crying whenever Santa started his song. This year we opened it again as we thought it would be okay. As soon as the music started my younger kid cried with fear. Some kids’ toys can be so scary, especially with the sound they make.

He knows if you’ve been bad or good


Some years ago somebody made for me a Christmas creation with a garlic. It was very cute and I kept it together with other Christmas decor to put it in the house again the following year. I am glad I opened earlier the drawer I had put them in and discovered that the garlic had a very strong odour and had to be thrown away.


Think twice before you put garlic on your decor!

For the end I have left some of the worst gifts I have given to others.

I recently gave a gift to a girl and she informed me she would take it back to the store because she already had it…as I had bought it for her before. I still don’t remember what it was, so I may buy it again!

Great surprise!

In the past when I was young and still lived with my parents sometimes I would buy for my mum things that I really wanted for me. For example, I bought her a perfume because I could use it too! But I was still at school and didn’t have my own money. This way, with one gift I made two people happy!

Merry Christmas to…me!

Another one, which I found a few days ago while cleaning some drawers, was a card I had bought for one of my siblings when we were kids. It said ‘Please hand it back to me after reading it because I have a lot of commitments’. At the back it had many wishes like ‘Happy Birthday’, ‘Merry Christmas’, etc. That I am the one that has this card at  the moment means that I really meant what was written on the card!

funny card

What was the funniest, weirdest, worst gift you have ever given or received?

A silly gift is better than nothing!

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