Reality Shows, the beginning or the ending of a career?

So many people have gained popularity from their participation in reality shows. Even celebrities who are already famous and popular in their field have chosen this way to take advantage of their fame and acquire more. Hulk Hogan, Ozzy Osbourne, Paris Hilton, Kirstie Allie, Pamela Anderson are only a few examples of celebrities who experienced being a reality show stars although they had been already well-known.
But the moment they decided to have their own reality, their work status wasn’t at the zenith.

For others the opposite happened as their reality was the starting point of their career. The Kardashians are maybe the best example of people who weren’t far-farmed before their appearance on a TV reality show.

For more daring actors and singers talent shows are a great challenge. Unknown artists find it a nice opportunity to show off their talent and their performance can earn them a place in the show business.

Nevertheless, many courageous renowned artists are not afraid of trying their luck in a quality they are amateurs where they accept being criticized by judges like Craig Revel Horwood or Simon Cowell.

Contrary to reality shows which focus on the celebrities’ real life, in this case both the judges and the contestants share popularity as the judges’ critical comments can arouse disputes which steal the show.

While TV shows like Big Brother, which concentrate on the protagonists’ daily routine, have lost interest, talent shows gain territory. It looks like dancing and singing are what viewers enjoy watching instead of staring at unfamous people living in a house trying to co-exist with strangers.

Of course as long as reality shows with rich celebrities depict the stars’ luxurious life, a big audience will wait to admire their mansions and expensive cars.

Do you watch reality shows?

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