The best kept residential interiors design secrets

With life constantly changing, one might need a little help with their interior design spaces. Everyone looks to have their home represent the kind of change that has happened in their life. These can be as simple as buying something new, or old, or simply moving around some household furniture.
There comes a time, though, when the big changes must be rung. When this time comes, be armed with these timeless tips from some of the most beautifully designed interior spaces in the world.

The first rule about interior design is that there are no rules. One can break almost every rule there is. Everyone should hold more important the fact that their interior décor reflects their lives rather than simply following conventional rules. However, there should be a perfect balance between the home becoming too boring and mainstream, and being so loaded with detail that it becomes distracting.

Sometimes, simple steps in the home can change the way rooms feel and look. For instance, one of the most underrated elements of home décor is the location of the furniture. Residential properties might want to push the furniture away from the walls. This gives the illusion of space and flow, even when the furniture is just a few inches way.

People always rush to decorate all the parts of the house, forgetting just how important the ceiling is. Mention home décor and one almost always immediately thinks about the walls. Few think about what is above them. The ceiling could do with some addition of color or imagery. This adds some element of depth and warmth to a room.

Speaking of color, the effect of color on the mood of a room is one that many designers will always concentrate on. Many people are afraid to have bright walled houses, but that is not the only way one can add color to their rooms. Color to a room can be added through such accessories as pillows, blankets, vases, paintings or rugs. Those uncomfortable with too much color can start with a small area or accessory, like a lamp, then move on to the bigger areas.

Another addition that does not quite do it for many people is the wallpaper. It feels good when people enter one’s house and find pleasant surprises. The use of wallpaper in unexpected places can give visitors this feeling. Add wallpaper to the most unexpected places like the ceiling, hallway walls, closet and so on.

Many people think about interior décor as the addition of accessories and color to a room. While this is a huge part of it, the home should reflect a lot about the lifestyle of the individual. For instance, while adding vintage accessories might seem fun, add a little of the present too. Above all, make sure the room décor leaves the house feeling comfortable, both visually and physically.

Author Bio – Sujain Thomas is a celebrated interior décor expert. She has successfully overseen some of the biggest residential projects in Matunga, Mumbai, and now runs an interior décor company and blog.

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