A Guide To Having A More Intimate Wedding Day

Some couples don’t want to invite every single person they’ve ever met to their wedding day. More couples now are starting to plan more intimate weddings. Days that only their very nearest and dearest attend. These days can be far more memorable and special. They can also be a little cheaper, but not necessarily. It all depends on how you want to treat the people closest to you. These pointers will help you to have a more intimate wedding day.


Cut Your Guest List To The Bare Minimum


Create a rough guest list. Then, do your best to cut it down. You may need to be a little ruthless here. For example, you might want to avoid inviting children, and even partners of the people you’re inviting. Just bear in mind that some people may not attend if their immediate family and partners can’t come too. It’s your choice, and you shouldn’t feel obliged to invite anybody you’re not sure about.


Make Sure You Treat Your Guests


One of the best things about having a more intimate wedding is that you can afford to treat your guests a little more. You could put on even better food and cocktails, or give out more thoughtful favours. Favours are pretty useless anyway unless they are truly thoughtful! You could even do things like sort their transportation out. You can get a bus for wedding transportation if that makes things easier for people!


Pay Attention To The Smaller Details


One of the downsides of a more intimate wedding day is the fact that it isn’t necessarily easier. You will need to pay even more attention to the smaller details. You can skip and hide certain things with a larger wedding. A smaller wedding will amplify everything you haven’t really bothered with. This is why it can be worth hiring a planner, if you can afford it.


Get More People Involved


When you have a more intimate day, you can get the closest people to you involved. If you have children, for example, they could read something meaningful or even sing a song. Think of nice ways you can get the people you love involved in on it. It’ll be way more memorable to everybody! Hey, you could even get your pets involved. It’s all down to you!


Consider Inviting More To The Reception


If you feel guilty about really cutting down the guest list, you can always consider inviting more people to the reception. This might appease some of the people you haven’t invited to the actual ceremony. However, only ever do what makes you happy. Don’t feel pressured. It’s your big day, nobody else’s!


If you want a more intimate wedding day, start with these tips. If you do, you’ll have a much more memorable, special day for all involved. Just remember to focus on those small details, as it’ll be hard to hide things from your small party of guests. Leave your own thoughts below! Come back for more tips soon.


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