How to Make Your Wedding Guests Feel Extra Special with More Than Just Wedding Favours

For guests to come to a wedding can be a pretty big deal. They might need to take some time off work, as more and more people are choosing to have a mid-week wedding. They might need to travel quite a distance to the wedding location. Plus there are things like getting a wedding gift and perhaps a new outfit for themselves. Attending a wedding can be costly. However, guests want to go as they love the couple involved and want to see them get married. When you are thinking about your wedding, it is nice to be able to think about your guests, though. If you can do a few small things for them, it makes it special, and they know that you appreciate them being there.





One of the most common ways is by a wedding favour. This is usually placed on the table at the wedding breakfast. It could be something edible or a little trinket. Sometimes they are personalised about the happy couple so that the guests take it away and have a lasting memory of the wedding. So a wedding favour is quite a standard thing that you should remember to plan. But are there any other things that you could organise for your guests?


When it is time for the wedding reception, there are plenty of things that you could organise for your guests. All are small things that can make a difference. One fun thing to do is to organise a photo booth, like the ones from Melbourne Memories. Guests can pose and have fun with some little props. They get to take a photograph home or have one sent on social media. So they get a fun little keepsake from the wedding. They could even pose with you which is extra special.




When it comes to the reception, guests that have been in all parts of the wedding might be getting a little worn out. Weddings are long and sometimes tiring. So if you want your guests to be comfortable to get up and dance, you could have various sized flip flops that they could help themselves to. This makes them think the world of you if your female guests’ feet are getting sore. You could hand out a favour at the end of the reception too. Some guests will have just come for the reception, so won’t have received one earlier in the day. It could be a little travel home kit if a lot of guests have had to travel far. It could even be something humorous like a ‘hangover cure’ set for them to take with them.


Guests are happy to come to weddings, for their family and friends. But I think it is nice if there are a few things extra for them, to make it a special and memorable day. They will remember your wedding as one of the best if a little extra care and thought goes into planning it. Have you ever been to a wedding with some fabulous ideas for favours?


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