The Most Popular Photography Trends for Weddings

A wedding day is possibly the most memorable day of your life, so it deserves to be photographed with love. Capturing the emotion of such a special occasion is no easy task. You’ll be spoilt for choice with the wide range of formal and informal photographic options for weddings. So get ready to put your stamp on tradition and say “I do” to the latest crazes in occasion Christmas photography.


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Retro style photo booths are becoming a popular trend at Weddings in 2016. It provides a relaxed setting to capture some candid snapshots of your guests at the reception. There are plenty of bonafide machines available for hire, or you could try making your own. Take your pick from these arty ideas that can be coordinated to match your wedding theme or location. Provide novelty props for hilarious results. Simply set up a digital camera on a camera tripod and let the guests pose! The pictures will provide a great contrast with the professionally posed photos in your wedding album.

Hire a professional photographer

Hiring a professional is the most popular choice for couples who want a stunning wedding album without the stress. It can be tough to decide who to trust when there are so many companies competing for your custom. Make sure you always meet a prospective photographer and view their full portfolio. Does their style suit your artistic taste? Have the images been taken by the same person? Merge Photography’s best wedding photographer has an excellent portfolio, for example. A good photographer should have distinct similarities throughout their photographs with backdrops and be able to talk about their work in detail. Reviews are usually a good indicator of the standard of service.


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Make a wedding #hashtag

Not everyone will be able to make your wedding day due to location or work. Get your guests to tag their pictures and videos with a specific hashtag when posting on social platforms. Those who couldn’t be there can then enjoy front-row views of the celebration. Use a wedding hashtag generator to make a catchy phrase. Remind guests of the hashtag throughout the day by adding it to your order of service, entrance signs or even table decorations. The uploaded memories will be yours to flick through whenever you please!

Instant Cameras

Set up a guest book station at the entrance to your reception with a Polaroid instant camera. It can often be hard to think of a sentimental written message. So allow guests to express themselves with a selfie! Display a make-shift photo gallery with a few lines of string and clothes pegs. The mini prints can then be stuck in the guest book afterwards for safe-keeping. Hard copies of photographs will always be charming. They also make a great visual reminder of your guestlist. As guests are an important part of your day, these Tips on How to Keep Guests Happy are worth reading to ensure there is a smile in every photo.


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