Walking On Sunshine – Foot Care Tips and Zaful Review

Although I am not a fan of hot weather, there is something about it that makes me look forward to Summer, airy clothes and shoes – flip flops, sandals, wedges – so intriguing!

In the past I used to wear flip flops every day and as much as I like them and find them so easy to wear, I have to admit they have some disadvantages.

My main issue with them is they leave the feet unprotected and exposed to dust that makes my feet dry. I try to offer myself a home pedicure at least once every ten days, but this year I also decided instead of wearing flip flops all the time, to give a try to sandals with more coverage, especially ones with closed heels like in the photo from zaful.com below.

for every day


evening sandals

This way even if I don’t have time for a pedicure, I don’t feel exposed. But you know what? Using a moisturizing cream every night and not wearing flip flops outdoors every day has worked and my feet stay soft.

I have also bought a new pumice stone and I rub my feet in the shower whenever I remember.

Comfort is a must when it comes to shoes and since I have become a mom I prefer flat shoes for a walk or to run errands, but sometimes you can’t resist to a pleasure for the eyes.

To keep it brief I will only say that I have been in love with this pair of shoes for a couple of years and I just couldn’t help not having them anymore.

A good excuse was their price which you can see here and you can also see more shoes on the site.


I know I am not going to wear them every day, but don’t we owe ourselves a little treat from time to time?

This pair makes me feel like an angel, like I have wings and I can fly wherever I like. Hasn’t it ever happened to you to buy a dress, a decorative, a frame that may nobody sees, but you just want to have it? It may be a present to our soul in the end.


Well, shoes and airy clothes are my weakness (together with ice-cream). What is your weakness in Summer?

Speaking of airy clothes, I should mention my long shirt from Zaful which I wear over my denim skirt and swimsuit to complete my evening outfit by the pool. I ordered it to have it in autumn, but my package came fast as I mentioned in my previous post, so I can wear it during cool Summer evenings too. I found it in their blouses section.


Do you ever spoil yourself with little treats? Like putting an item in your favorites for months and in the end to give in to temptation?



  1. Γράφεις tips, για ενυδάτωση, κτλ, κτλ, κτλ και το αριστούργημα μας το κράτησες για το τέλος!
    Τί όμορφο παπούτσι είναι αυτό, ρε ‘συ!!!!
    Μαγνητίζει βλέμματα και σίγουρα “ανεβάζει” την ιδιοκτήτριά τους!
    Καλοφόρετα, κορίτσι μου!
    ΣΣΣΣΣΜΟΥΤΣ πολλά!

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