The Top Stressor Experienced by those in Relationships!

No matter what you and your spouse are going through, it can help to have an idea of what the top cause of conflict and tension is for people in relationships. The statistics listed in the picture demonstrate how impactful money and finances can be when it comes to being a couple.

While there are certainly other variables and factors that can lead to stress in relationships, finances came in first at 35%, followed by annoying habits at 25%. But the factors of money, finances, and budgeting have come in first as the biggest stressor for couples.


These eye-opening statistics shows just how big of a factor finances can be in a relationship. A few of the stressors, as seen in the infographic, have to do with spending money in secret, and keeping secret bank accounts.

It’s also shown in the graphic how much of a benefit saving, rather than spending, can have in a relationship. 55% of the respondents to the graphic noted that one of the most attractive traits in a partner when it comes to money-related issues is the ability to budget wisely. Also, 75% of the individuals who were questioned preferred a companion with a similar approach to budgeting and spending.

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  1. That is a post for me 🙂 Cause I have “problems” discussing finances with anybody. So I keep silent and that’s the way I am. When anyone start talking about money I leave the room 🙂 Not about arguments, anything like “how much is a ticket to Japan, how much was the lipstick”, anybody asking I don’t like, I don’t know why 🙂 I’ve started posting on Fridays too, so please forgive me for the “signature” 🙂 It’s automatic after my name 🙂 Hope you have a great weekend! – new post: The Power of a Smile

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