What Should You Wear to the Next Wedding

It seems like the end of summer and the beginning of fall are so cluttered with wedding ceremonies, that you eventually run out of ideas what to wear for each of them. The fact that many of them demand different dress codes doesn’t make it easier either. Now you “only” have to fit your figure, style and personal preferences into the dress code. So, how to make this complicated affair stress-free? We’ll help you with that. Here are a few ideas about the wedding guest style for every dress code and figure, guaranteed to turn heads.

A Classic Midi

Many ladies steer away from a midi dress because they’re afraid of looking “frumpy”. Ever since it became trendy again in the recent years, it has come back to the throne of a classic cocktail dress fitting for different occasions. Its length (halfway between the knee and ankle) is perfect for when you want to look stylish and proper, yet sexy. You can wear a tight or a classic A-line midi dress, or if you want to be bold with your choices, wear an A-line midi skirt with a sexy crop top.


Little Black Dress

Let’s stick around in the classic zone for a while. Little black dress is the ultimate women’s wardrobe essential, and if chosen well, it can be the most flattering piece you have. When choosing the dress, stick to the classics and dress for your body shape. A-line, for instance, camouflages the lower part of your body and skims your hips, while above the knee tight cut, elongates your figure. Make sure you complete the look with stylish accessories. The latest trend of chocker necklaces will work great with almost every model.


An Elegant Gown

Black-tie wedding is ideal to finally wear the amazing formal dresses as the ones you see on the red carpet. Note that you’ll be wearing your maxi dress with heels, so you shouldn’t allow the hem of the dress to be more than half of an inch off the ground. If it’s any longer or shorter, it can ruin the look. It is best to opt for monochromatic dress with details, otherwise it can look like a beach dress. For a sexy touch, consider off-the shoulder cut or a silky fabric. Try not to wear white or champagne dress and get confused with the bride and maybe even steal her thunder.


Peplum Dress

Peplum dress may not be the most flattering item there is, but if worn right it can look really amazing. One neat trick would be to wear shapewear – there is no shame in that, many celebrities love their spanx and use it to pull off a dress that would otherwise look unappealing. Don’t wear many details and accessories with peplum, it is an accessory for itself. If you want your hips to look narrower, opt for sleek peplum with no volume.


A Dressy Jumpsuit

Would you dare? Dresses and skirts are not the only wedding outfits allowed. You can find a great evening-appropriate jumpsuit (full length, cut from silk, satin or silk jersey) which can be equally elegant as a maxi gown. Opt for a solid-colored jumpsuit (black, navy, grey, red, etc.) and pair it up with some killer heels. Tone down the jewelry and use shoes to make a statement; e.g. if you are wearing an indigo jumpsuit, you can really leave a strong impression with turquoise pumps. A clean clutch and a tuxedo jacket will finish up the look perfectly.


Skirt and Top Combo

If Olivia Palermo could wear a skirt as a bride, why couldn’t you as a guest? You can opt for a classical midi, pencil, wrap or a maxi and combine it with a blouse or stylish top. Just don’t go overboard with the colors, and choose either monochromatic or subtle patterns. Metallic is an interesting way to add a twist to your outfit while still keeping the evening tone. Glitters can do the same.


There you have it; some cool wedding outfit ideas that will make you shine at every ceremony you may attend this year. Just compliment them with hair and make-up and wear the most important accessory of them all – a smile.

About the author:

Roxana is a travel enthusiast and lifestyle consultant from Sydney and she loves to write about her adventures. She is all about the healthy lifestyle, loves to run with her husband and dogs and has fun cooking exotic meals for her family. Being a typical Aussie, she often hits the waves and loves beaches and sunshine! You can find out more about her writing following her on twitter and facebook. She is also one of the editors at Higstylife Magazine.


  1. For me, always midi! A skirt, a top, or a dress, but always midi! I liked the suggestions here! The pictures are really amazing, all so elegant outfits! I have subscribed now, so I won’t miss any post anymore!

  2. Ήμουν σίγουρη σε ποια θα απευθυνθώ!! 🙂
    Τέλη Σεπτέμβρη έχω να πάω μάρτυρας σε πολιτικό γάμο και είμαι σε δίλημμα τι να φορέσω!
    Έχω ένα φόρεμα σε σχετικά στενή γραμμή τύπου 70ς με μανίκια μέχρι τους αγκώνες, όχι πολύ κοντό αλλά πάνω από το γόνατο. Μετά σκεφτόμουν ένα μακρύ φούξια φόρεμα στράπλες αλλά μήπως είναι πολύ.. νησί και δεν κολλάει σε δημαρχείο στην επαρχία;
    Και η τρίτη επιλογή να βάλω τζιν, με γόβες μπλε σκούρο χρώμα,χαμηλές και από πάνω ένα καλό μπλουζάκι τιραντάκι. (Να είχαμε πάντα τέτοιους προβληματισμούς τι καλά που θα ήταν!!)

  3. Με το καλό!
    Το πρώτο σου φόρεμα μου ακούγεται πολύ καλό για την περίσταση.

    Και πάλι πολύχρονη!!!

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