Make Your Eyes Your Best Feature With These Easy Steps

Our eyes are one of our prominent features on our face. It’s a great way to communicate with others, and it’s the first thing people see when they look at you. In fact, 70% of guys admitted they looked at a girl’s eyes first before anything else. Therefore, you need to ensure they look great to impress that cute guy. Here are some easy steps to make your eyes your best feature.



You need to use a great eyeliner and mascara

You can enhance your eyes by using a fantastic eyeliner and mascara. It will help boost your lashes and define the shape of your eyes. You should get a great black eyeliner which you can use to frame your eyes. You can find many eyeliners for a few dollars which will help your eyes to stand out from the crowd. You need to choose a great color which will really bring out the color of your eyes. As it says in this article, you should go for a color that contrasts such as a purple for green eyes. Mascara is also great for making your eyes your best feature. It enhances your lashes, making them a lot thicker and longer. You should go for a waterproof mascara which will last throughout the day. You should carefully apply it to your lower lashes so that it doesn’t smudge. There are so many different mascaras and eyeliners you can buy. So make sure you read up before you make a purchase.



You can consider an eye lift

A lot of women are going under the knife to help their eyes become their best feature. You might want to consider an eye lift which can improve your appearance. The procedure works by reducing bagginess and removing excess skin from the eyelids. It can give you a brand new look and make your eyes a lot more prominent on your face. Several celebrities are rumored to have had it done including actresses Liz Hurley and Nicole Kidman. You can read more about eye lifts online and get more info from


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You can try false eyelashes

Having false eyelashes is a popular way to make your eyes your best feature. They can give your eyelashes an instant lift if you are going out on the town. You can buy false eyelashes which are easy to apply and can last for the evening before needing to be removed. You can read about my experience of wearing false eyelashes on my previous blog. You could consider getting eyelash extensions at a salon. They last around eight weeks and will ensure you have great lashes on a daily basis.




Conceal dark circles under your eyes

You need to make sure you remove all dark circles if you want your eyes to stand out. It’s easy to get dark circles after a bad night’s rest. But you need them to disappear to keep your eyes looking great. You should use a daily eye cream to keep the circles away. You can also use a concealer to camouflage the circles.



Remember to stick to neutral lipstick if you want your eyes to stand out. Otherwise, people will be distracted by your lipstick and won’t see your beautiful eyes!

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