5 Reasons to Go on Vacation with Another Family

As much as we may look forward to our summer holidays, when the time comes to start our vacations we have second thoughts. The reason for this hesitation is nothing but our children. Can our dream trip turn into a disaster?

Although parents make sure to pack anything their children may need during their transportation like their dinosaurs, a board game or a CD with their favorite tunes, you are bound to have an unsatisfied toddler who complains about everything. And nothing can guarantee that during your stay at the hotel things are going to get easier.

Can you blame them? The hot weather, the change of the daily routine and the unfamiliar environment can make even an adult growl.

Nobody wants to spend their holidays in despair as it is supposed to be the time that your body and mind are going to relax for a while.

Have you ever thought that travelling with another family can be the solution to your problem?

Friends Keep Your Kids Occupied

Sometimes kids nag just because they want to attract your attention. If they had some company with them, they would probably be busy playing and talking with their friend. This way you could have a break from running behind a child all the time. Just make sure you are with a family that both the grown-ups and the children get along with each other.



Free Time with Your Partner

To decide to go on vacations with another family it means you know your traveling companions very well and trust them alone with your kids. Then how about arranging to babysit in turns so that each couple can have some free time to go out without kids? It doesn’t have to be during nap time as there may not be appropriate space to accommodate all the children together. Just put on your sunscreen and go for a stroll while the rest of your group are having breakfast.

Save Money on a Nanny

For the reason that we explained above not only will you have some time for yourselves, but you will save money on a nanny that your hotel might provide. This won’t help only your pocket, knowing that your kids are not with a complete stranger will keep you carefree too.

Afford a Better Accommodation

By sharing your holidays with another family you can afford better accommodation to your loved ones. Renting a house with a pool is so expensive if you don’t have somebody to split the cost. A group of two or three families can easily rent a little villa or a castle.


Two Hands Are Better Than One

In case you decide to rent a house with another family or invite them over to your country house except for a good company, you will probably have a helping hand too. Moms tend to do all the housework during their vacations, especially if they stay in a house where there is no room service. Your girlfriend must be willing to share some chores with you and you won’t feel like you are still in the city.

So, who are your taking with you?


  1. Περίμενε να κάνω οικογένεια και πάμε μαζί!
    ho ho ho!
    ΣΣΣΣΣΣΣΜΟΥΤΣ, Demoύλα μου!
    Καλό βραδάκι!

    1. Το έγραψα πριν τις διακοπές. Τώρα θα το στείλω σε αυτούς που κάναμε μαζί διακοπές και θα τους πω μην πιστεύετε ο,τι διαβάζετε στο ίντερνετ! Χι χι χι!
      Σε περιμένω!
      Το γελάκι ειναι του άγιου Βασίλη σου να φανταστώ!
      Πολλά σμουτςςςςςςςς! Καλό βράδυ!!!

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