Being Beautiful in a Sustainable Way

Looking beautiful is a core asset and desire for many women. I always try to look my best, so I am sure that other women want to do the same. Sustainability in the beauty world has become a hot topic for all the same reasons it is a popular debate in other fields, too: how can we do what we do by making it safe for the world and our consumers? I believe this debate has a great place in the beauty world for a number of reasons. Some women, me included, have a difficult time changing over from my typical products and to approach beauty in a sustainable way. However, there are small steps that can be taken in the industry to change over to being gorgeous while helping the planet.

What is Sustainability?

Sustainability approaches, as stated previously, looks at how we can make the world safer and a better place by reducing the harm and imprint we leave behind. It looks at ways to protect the environment and make more people aware of issues in this field. The best way to do both things is to approach sustainability with a holistic approach.

Products’ Contents to Look For

One of the easiest ways for us to change over to a sustainable approach in beauty regimens is to look at the products we use. Many of the products I use are from popular brands that have traditionally not looked at beauty in a holistic way. Many of these companies have changed their viewpoints over the years, but their products do not necessarily keep up with the same speed.


Many of the changes products need to experience to become more eco-friendly also make them safer for humans to use, too. Some things I look for in eco-friendly products are as follows:


  • High levels of Vitamin C
  • Pea proteins to help with maintaining collagen and elastin to keep skin firm
  • Avocado and other essential oils to help with moisturizing skin
  • Essential oils that contain omega fatty acids

Product Additives to Avoid

Some of the things I avoid with products to be more sustainable in my beauty routine are those items that are frequently found in some of the brands some women have used for years. Things to avoid include synthetic fragrances, artificial colors, synthetic or paraben preservatives, certain mineral oils, and sulfates. Many of the items on this list can also cause irritation or skin breakouts if they are used for any period of time.

More than Just the Inside Product

A lot of companies are starting to look at ways they can package their product in an eco-friendly way. Some companies have packaged materials to the point that they are, as the old saying goes, as hard to get inside of as Fort Knox. Reducing the amount of packaging used to conceal a product for selling purposes sometimes means reducing the difficulty of opening the package, too. Therefore, this change is a win-win for the environment and the consumer.


This aspect looks at more than just what the products’ outside container looks like. It also looks at what directly holds the product. For example, my compress powder comes in a pretty hefty, plastic container. Some companies have taken this container and made it out of eco-friendly or recycled plastic, or they have even used less plastic than it has in the past.

Community Outreach and the Message Being Sent

Some companies are looking at what they can do externally instead of just internally. So many brands are watched with a close eye by consumers, so they need to be certain that they send a message that their consumers can stand behind as well. As far as sustainable beauty goes, this means projecting a message to consumers that the environment matters almost more than the product. Consumers need to consider what the company does with their products’ creation and distribution just as much as they need to think about what the company says, too.


There is one key thing to remember when looking for companies that are more sustainable than others. This essential element in the message being sent to us consumers is how clear the message is. Companies who are outright honest with what their products contain are the ones that we need to stand behind the most when we want to be more eco-friendly. This clear image and message needs to present in all facets of the company, from their customer service, to their website, to their packaging and product, and even, in some cases, to the way they run their outlets and shops. A shop that sells green products inside but that uses a great deal of energy or does not tailor itself to being eco-friendly in the way the storefront or factories are run mutes the green message a product claims to stand behind.


There are many things we need to pay attention to when considering a sustainable beauty routine. Many products are being introduced that are more natural as an extension of this movement, and it can only mean a better life for us and the earth in the long term.


About the Author:

I am Sally Wong, a manual therapist who also practices Yoga and Tai Chi. My goal is to experience inner peace as much as possible, but I also want to spread that message to other people, too. I stand behind any product that promotes healing for the earth and for humans, too. I am from China, and I try to travel home to see my family there at least a few times a year. My family has inspired me in therapy, and they continue to do so in every asset of life. You can follow me on my Blog:

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