Top Tier Picks: 4 Bridesmaid Outfit Ensembles They’ll Actually Thank You For

Planning for a wedding takes time. There are decorations to select, a venue to find and a menu that needs to be thought out so that all of your guests are happy with what is served. Another component is what the bridesmaids will wear. Sometimes, the dresses aren’t what they would wear again. Fortunately, you can create some ensembles that will put a smile on the face of the women in your wedding. 

All In The Style

Instead of choosing a specific style for each girl, just choose a color that you like and the fabric, letting each girl choose the dress that she likes. You’ll have the color that you want in the wedding, the wedding party will be able to choose a dress that flatters the body. There are several companies that offer numerous designs in the same color family. Try to go with your bridesmaids so that you can offer support with anything that they choose. 

Professional Assistance

If you aren’t sure what would work well for your bridesmaids, especially if they all have a different body shape, then consider asking someone in the fashion industry. Companies like Simple Addiction have everything from simple dresses to two-piece designs with a top and skirt that will work well with any kind of wedding. Talk to the people who work for the company to get advice on materials and popular designs, viewing pictures of some of the dresses that are available until you find the right one for each bridesmaid. 

Separate Designs

Push aside the idea that your bridesmaids have to wear a beautiful ball gown for the wedding. You can get separates that will bring out the beauty of the wedding just as much as a full-length gown with sequins would. A benefit of separates is that the skirt can be fitted to flatter all body types, and the top is something that each girl can wear again. It’s also a bit easier to wear a cardigan or a shawl with the separates than it would be if the girls had on dresses with sophisticated details. 

A Rainbow Of Colors

There are some girls who might not look good in one color while another color might accent the skin tone beautifully. Find a palette that will blend with the rest of the details of the wedding or one that you enjoy, such as tropical colors that include yellow, blue and green. The girls can wear a dress in each color so that they are comfortable with the shade instead of worrying about getting a tan or wondering how the color will look with the hair. 

Your wedding is a special day that is celebrated with friends and family. One of the fun events of the wedding is choosing what the bridesmaids will wear. Consider a few of the latest trends to make each girl feel special and unique and so that each one will want to wear the dress again.

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