5 Fantastic Ways to Blow off Steam

All of us have tough days that leave us stressed and tense. After all, we live in a fast-paced world where we are expected to always be at our best, to deal with problems with ease and to never look sad. There’s a pressure to not only be successful, but to stay happy and positive even when everything around us is difficult. So, look good, feel good and do good. Staying at the top of your game definitely isn’t easy, but ultimately, you shouldn’t allow yourself to get bogged down with stress and obligations. If you’re feeling frustrated and sick of all your assignments, your chores, your arguments, then it’s time to blow off some steam so you can get back feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Swim away the problems


Swimming is suitable for all age groups and it’s one of the best ways to both get in shape and let go of stress. It’s a fantastic way to fix your posture and engage all muscle groups, so you get a really intense workout that will leave you pleasantly tired and drained of all the negative energy. If you have suffered an injury, taking some swimming classes with a physiotherapist can aid your recovery, and this will help with the frustration of being unable to engage in as much activity as you’d like. Plus, if you’re feeling insecure about your body, this is one of the better ways to lose weight and tone your muscles.

Karaoke queen

Sing your heart out, girlfriend, because there’s nothing more liberating than music. It’s an art, it’s an expression of who we are, it’s an incredible way to have fun. How many times have you sung in your underwear while dancing around the house? If the answer is none, you’re missing out! To sing is to let your heart be heard, and karaoke is a very pleasurable form of entertainment. Once you defeat the initial fear of performing in public, you’ll have a blast. Sing about your frustrations, sing about what makes you happy, sing your way through any bad time and the stress will melt away. Music is beneficial for our mind, body and soul, and karaoke will let you break out of your shell, meet new people and make friends.


Drinks with Friends

Nothing like good alcohol and company to soothe our worries. Meeting your friends out for coffee is good if you want to have a heart-to-heart conversation, but sometimes what we really need is a party. Invite your friends over to your house to chat and have a good time. You could organize an alcohol tasting party where you can serve tailored spirits which are currently extremely popular among distillate enthusiasts. You can customize everything to your taste and order it online, and there’s no doubt you’ll impress your friends. Serve some good food, play your favourite jams and maybe try a party game once you’re tipsy. Everything is a lot funnier after you’ve had a few drinks.


Sprint your stress out

It’s a way to shape your legs and your glutes, and to boost your metabolism. So not only a good way to exercise, but also effective when it comes to blowing off steam. This is especially true if you’re angry and feel like you’re about to snap at any moment. Put on your running shoes and head out for a run to get all that bubbling rage out of your system. You need to know how to sprint properly, but once you learn this can be your go-to activity for when you need to calm down quickly.


Get physical – not in the gym though

The best way to deal with anger is to take all that pent up energy and direct it towards something better. Having sex is just the right way to turn something negative into something positive, as love-making releases the hormone oxytocin which acts as a natural sedative and it makes you feel closer to your partner. It’s always a good time for some wild fun in the sheets, so grab your partner and have some kinky fun. Lowered blood pressure and a boost to the immune system are only some of the benefits of sex.


Take every bad experience and try to turn it into something good. When stress and anxiety hit, use it as an opportunity to do the things you enjoy and keep in mind that you need to take good care of yourself if you want to remain healthy and happy.

About the author:

Roxana is a travel enthusiast and lifestyle consultant from Sydney and she loves to write about her adventures. She is all about the healthy lifestyle, loves to run with her husband and dogs and has fun cooking exotic meals for her family. Being a typical Aussie, she often hits the waves and loves beaches and sunshine! You can find out more about her writing following her on twitter and facebook. She is also one of the editors at Higstylife Magazine.


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  1. Returning little by little to blog activities today 🙂 It feels quite good again 🙂 I needed some time for a big project 🙂 Yes, all these activities seems to build up good humour and spirits! Drink with friends or moving, I liked! Hope you have a great week and that you are fine, dear Demi!

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