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As much as most people love weddings, there are times when the conventional wedding dress ideas have that been-there-seen-that cookie-cutter quality. More often than not, future brides tend to forget that they don’t have to follow the beaten path, after all, this is your big day, and you have every right to march to the beat of your own drum, and go with something unconventional and even a bit eccentric. At the end of the day, your day, you want to wear something that best reflects your personality and sense of style, something that is uniquely and undeniably YOU. To that end, we have come up with some truly mesmerizing ideas that will make your wedding and your look something people will talk about for a long time, in a good way of course.

A nice day for a (non-)white wedding


Yes, white dresses are the norm, but whoever said that you have to abide by that norm? Your dress can be any color you want it to be. Vera Wang, a designer and an unmatched visionary of the wedding attire world, concurs. For instance, if you love earthy tones and you feel they represent you best – dare to rock them. Just look at these dark brown gowns – who can deny the level of unconventional elegance? If on the other hand, you are a goth deep inside, and you refuse to make compromises and be a ‘regular’ bride, there is always the option of a black wedding dress. In terms of silhouette and cut, it has all the qualities of a conventional wedding gown, except that it’s black. Finally, in the world of colors, if you have ever seen the movie About Time, you know just how sexy and adorable Rachel McAdams looked in a red, boho-vibe gown. You may not be a movie star, but you could definitely look like a boho bridal goddess in a dress like this. And, if you want to take things up a notch, always go for colorful footwear, like a gorgeous and eye-catching pair of blue wedding shoes. If your dress is far from conventional, why should your shoes be any different, right? Plus, they can be your something blue, and then you would only have to find the old, new, and the borrowed.

Take a trip to the days gone by


There are so many gorgeous girls out there rocking the pin-up style in their everyday life. There is no reason they should stray from their love of decades gone by and settle for a dress that is trendy in this century. You can always find a vintage dress in countless vintage stores, and there are virtually dozens of indie fashion companies whose sole purpose is bringing the vintage vibe back to life. They cater to your every need and you will certainly find something the dress in which you will want to say yes. If not, you can always hire a great seamstress, design your own vintage gown. A unique girl deserves a dress that is as special as she is. Add a pair of pin-up polka dot peep-toe heels, and you are ready to walk down that aisle.

Suit up


Some girls used to put pillowcases over their heads and dream of the perfect wedding dress. If you are not one of them, and you never saw yourself as a ‘dress’ type of girl, you can always shake the idea off and go with a stunning suit. It can be a classic and sharp double-breasted pantsuit, or as we said before, it can be any color you feel makes you look the most flattering; a color in which you pop.

Not a dress per se  


What options does a gal have if she does love white, and she likes a bit of tradition, but she also likes her tradition bent a tad? Well, she can still wear white, but who said that it has to be a dress? Lauren Morelli’s certainly agrees, and that is why she went with a pantsuit, but added a just a touch of glamor and flamboyance with a stunning bejeweled cape. She managed to achieve a look of the ultimate bridal beauty without wearing a dress, and if this is something more up your alley, then don’t second-guess it. Your gut is never wrong, and if it’s telling you to go with a pantsuit or jumpsuit, listen to it and go for it. It is clear that you will look gorgeous.


Mia Taylor is a fashion and beauty enthusiast from Sydney and writer for www.highstylife.com. She loves writing about her life experiences. Travelling and enjoying other cultures and their food with her husband is a big part of her life. She is always on a lookout for new trends in fashion and beauty, and considers herself an expert when it comes to lifestyle tips.
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  1. I love unconventional styles and I have two friends who added red to their gowns and one who got married in the trend color blush. I myself got married in jeans 🙂 Hope you have a nice week!

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