A Full List Of Flowers You Will Need For Your Wedding

Getting married can be a complete whirlwind. One minute, you’re getting engaged, and the next minute you’re walking down the aisle about to say I Do. As much as you may feel like there is a lot of planning to get through, it definitely all goes by in a flash. So it’s important to remember not to stress yourself out if you can help it at all. Although you may feel as if planning your wedding is going to be difficult, there’s no reason that it needs to be. Instead, you can choose to enjoy the journey and make it as easy on yourself as possible.


This is definitely the case when it comes to choosing your flowers. Granted, some of your wedding planning details are going to be a little dull, but not all of them are going to be. In fact, a lot will be fun. And your flowers can be one of the most exciting parts. If you want to be able to make sure that you enjoy the process of picking out your flowers, you need to know exactly what it is that you need them for. So, have a read of the details covered off in the three main sections below, and you should be ready to start saving, plan your finances, and then flower shop.


Dress Flowers


One of the first kinds of flowers that you’re going to want to think about are the ones that will be worn or carried by the wedding party. These are the flowers that you may want to cover off at the same time as planning your outfits, but still keep them coordinated with the rest of your floral choices.


Your Bouquet


This one is probably the one kind of wedding flower arrangement that comes to mind first. A bride’s bouquet is often one of the most difficult choices. Not only do you want to carry flowers that you like, but you also want to make sure that they go with your dress, but also the rest of the flowers that you’re using in your wedding. Then, you also need to decide if you’re doing a similar arrangement for the bridesmaid bouquets or different.


The Boutonnieres


Next, you’re going to want to pick out the flower that will be used in the male boutonnieres. Again, you may want to do this based on what the men will be wearing, or your bridal colors, but you may also want to consider your bouquet for uniformity too. And remember, you not only need boutonnieres for the groom, best man, and groomsmen, but also any father’s and grandfather’s in the wedding party too. Cost wise, the more you order, the more the price will increase, so be sure you factor that into your savings plan for all of the wedding party’s flowers.




For the women in the wedding party, you may also like to consider corsages. Here, you will have your own mother to consider, as well as your fiancé’s mom, and any grandmothers that you also have as a part of the ceremony. Again, in terms of style, you may want to to go with complementary styles here, or even personalize based on what each woman is wearing.


Hair Pieces


If you’re really looking to wow your wedding guests and feel gorgeous on your big day, you may also want to think about using flowers for hair pieces too. You may want to wear a flower crown or have flowers incorporated into your hairstyle, or even keep them for your bridesmaids or the flower girl. Either way, they can be a gorgeous way to dress up each hairstyle.


Ceremony Flowers



Then, you also have the flowers for the ceremony to choose too. Sometimes, you may want to keep these to a minimum, but if you want to consider all of your options, here are some of the most common ways to use them in your decor.


Aisle Decorations


When it comes to the actual ceremony, one of the first places that you may want to think about using flowers is for the aisle. There are so many ways that you can decorate the aisle for your wedding, but floral arrangements are often some of the most stunning designs. Using fresh flowers in your wedding colors could be a great way to tie everything together.


Altar Arrangements


Then, you may also want to consider working with an arrangement for the altar too. When you’re saying your vows, it’s often gorgeous to work with a beautiful backdrop. Depending on the venue where you’re getting married, you may also find that flower arrangements can completely transform the space. And because the altar is generally the central attraction, it’s often a stunning place for them.




It can also be a lovely idea to do something with the entryway. Regardless of the venue for the ceremony, you can often want to work with a beautiful entryway like a decorating a stunning garden arch with flowers, or an entire wall. At this point, you may be wondering if the cost is going to creep up. So, consider a visit to visit Personal Money Store for your options. Or you could do a payment plan with the florist.


Celebratory Petals


This may be something that you leave to the decision of the guests, but, if you like the idea of having celebratory petals thrown instead of paper confetti when you’re leaving the ceremony, you should look into this too. Again, this could add to the overall price of your flower budget, but you may even be able to get a great deal on fake flowers instead if they prove to be a cheaper option.


Reception Flowers

photography backdrops


Finally, there are also the flowers that you will decorate your wedding reception with. Again, the amount and kinds that you require here may depend on your wedding theme, but it’s always handy to have options. So, if you want a floral heavy reception, here are some to consider.




One of the biggest areas of your wedding that flowers are important is with the centerpieces. Of course, not everyone will have flowers here, but most people will. And yes, if you are going to go with big or elaborate designs, the price will probably come to a large chunk of the floral budget in general, so be sure to make sure you have your estimates ready and know how you’re going to finance it.


Getaway Car


Next, there’s also your getaway car decor to consider. Now, you may be planning a simple bow for this. But, if you do want to go with flowers here, you’re going to want to consider the design and how you can logistically make this work when it comes to getting it onto the car.




Then, you might like to think about decorating your cake with flowers too. And now, that doesn’t necessarily mean just the table either. Decorating your cake with real flowers is just one way to make it stand out and look stunning. Plus, if you are going for a floral heavy wedding, it will definitely tie the cake into the rest of the decor.


Rehearsal Dinner


Finally, although this isn’t technically apart of your reception on the wedding day, but the night before, you may also want to work out what flowers you will need for your rehearsal dinner too. Because you will need to factor the cost of this into your overall budget. Not only may you need arrangements for the tables, but the entire room too.


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