Summer Vacation Essentials

Planning on taking a trip this summer? You definitely should. There are so many places in the world to see and so many things to enjoy that it would be a shame to spend the whole summer inside your home. Although planning for the trip is the fun part and I’m sure you don’t need any help with that part, but the packing, on the other hand, isn’t nearly as enjoyable, especially when you realize the luggage limitations. So, here are the essentials you will need on your trip to whatever hidden paradise you are visiting next.

Lotions and potions


I don’t know about you, but I can never fit all of my toiletries in the luggage space I am given. So, I’ve learned to tweak my routines for the time I am on a holiday. The first thing I change is that I wear much less makeup. Especially if I am going on a holiday where I will be swimming a lot, I tend to keep the makeup to a minimum. I also like to call the place I am staying at in advance and see if they have things like shampoo, conditioner, a hair dryer, and other essentials. Even if they don’t have them, I will often opt not to bring them along and rather just buy some in the local supermarket. This saves me a lot of room for the actual essentials: sunscreen, moisturizer (both for your face and entire body), sunburn ointment, and any medicine I might need.

Activity accessories


No two holidays are the same, but if you plan in advance what you will be doing there, you will be much better prepared. If you are planning on going hiking to enjoy wonderful nature that surrounds you, then good hiking shoes and clothes are a must. But if the beach will be your destination, then beach towels, volley balls, Frisbees, a portable mini-fridge and anything else you need for having fun in the sun is what you should be packing. Keep in mind the events you might be visiting as well, since the last thing you want is to try and go to a formal event in your shorts and beach cover-up since you forgot to bring more elegant attire. If you can’t plan out your trip in such a great detail, then try and focus on packing the most versatile things that will be adequate and useful no matter how you choose to spend your vacation.

The refined wardrobe


The bulk of the packing process is always the clothes. I have two simple rules while packing clothes: Don’t bring anything that you wouldn’t usually wear because you won’t all of a sudden want to wear it just because you’re in a different location. And don’t overdo it – you don’t need a spare shirt every single day of the vacation. However, if you are missing an essential piece, a lot of stores have summer sales so you can get your batch of flowy maxi skirts, off-shoulder cover-ups and tie-up sandals to get you ready for the summer heat. If you will be swimming, bring at least two bathing suits so you can have one to wear while the other is being washed. And don’t forget to bring a hat to protect your head from the heat.


Make sure you have a special compartment in your bag for your passport and other IDs, plane tickets, and phone (with an international adapter on the charger). And whether you’re going on this trip alone, with friends or with the whole family, remember that the most important thing you need to take with you is a good mood and positive attitude, and to bring back a million fun memories.


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