Suave Style: 3 Must-Haves For The Biker Boy

Whether you ride a bike on a regular basis or you just take it out when you want to get away from driving a car, there are a few must-haves that you want to include in the wardrobe before getting on your bike. These items will not only make you feel and look like a biker, but they will also help to keep you protected while on your bike. Most of the items that you need for riding can be found in stores that sell other motorcycle gear or ordered online.

The Black Leather Jacket

A black leather jacket is one of the initial things that you should buy before riding. It protects the arms from the sun and the wind. It also helps to provide a barrier in the event that you are in an accident, preventing as much road rash on the skin since the leather is a bit thicker than a long-sleeve shirt or one that has short sleeves. Consider looking at vintage stores for a jacket that has been worn and stretched as it will give you the classic biker appearance. You could also add a leather vest to your wardrobe.

Motorcycle Pants

When choosing pants to wear on your bike, you want to get something that will offer protection. Avoid getting pants that are loose around the ankles as they can sometimes get caught on the lower components of the bike. Motorcycle pants, like those at Jane Motorcycles, are designed to give a stylish look while protecting the legs. Denim jeans that are tucked into your biker boots will give the style that you want others to see even if you don’t ride your bike that much. If you’re looking to offer the right impression, then consider cutting small tears in the jeans or rips. A black leather belt added to the pants adds a classy touch that you might consider if you don’t want to come across as the rough biker.

Suave Style 3 Must Haves For The Biker Boy

Protecting The Head

Underneath your helmet, which you should always wear while riding, consider getting a bandana. It will help to keep your hair out of your eyes so that you can see the road and any distractions. A bandana can also keep moisture locked on the scalp, keeping you cool in the summer while heating the head in the winter.

When you go out on your bike, you want to dress like you’ve been on it a time or two. Invest in a few pieces of clothing that will give you the look of a dedicated biker while also offering the protection you need while riding. Sometimes, buying secondhand clothing is a better option than getting things that are new.

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