5 Reasons Your Man Should Start Manscaping

Women put a lot of time and attention into our grooming habits out of consideration for our partners. That means we go through a lot of pain and indignities shaving, plucking, and waxing, and we’re not just talking about our legs and eyebrows!

Considering how much effort we go through to keep ourselves clean and presentable both under and over the clothes, wouldn’t it just be fair if the men we love put forth some of the same effort?

The question is, how do we convince the men in our lives to consider getting rid of that pesky body hair (i.e., manscaping)? One solution is to play up how manscaping benefits him, which is why below I’ve compiled five convincing reasons as to why your man should start manscaping. Enjoy!

Boosts His Self-Confidence

One point I came across when I was investigating how manscaping benefits men is that it can boost a man’s self-confidence. How does that work? It actually boosts his self-confidence in a few different ways.

First, when he manscapes he is taking pride in his appearance. As you well know, and as he hopefully already knows, putting time and effort into your appearance makes you feel more confident. It’s reverse psychology: you wouldn’t put so much effort into your grooming habits if you had low self-confidence, therefore putting in the extra time can help you feel that you have increased self-confidence.

By giving more time and attention to his gentlemanly regions, that increased self-confidence will also translate into the bedroom.


He’ll Smell Better

Did you know that our caveman ancestors used body odor like we use a signature scent? It may be surprising, but it’s true. If a caveman liked a cavewoman’s natural reek and she liked his, then sexy-fun-times ensued. One of the functions of body hair, then, was to simultaneously trap your odor close to your body and disperse it to attract potential mates.

These days, modern humans prefer proper hygiene which leads to nice clean smells. As such, body odor is a major turn-off for both men and women. Trimming that body hair will keep him neat and tidy and cut down on any potential bad smells, and he’ll appreciate knowing that he doesn’t smell like a caveman anymore.

He’ll Look Bigger

This next point appeals to your man’s sense of masculinity. Most men are self-conscious about the size of their package, especially if it’s a new relationship (it’s important to make a good first impression, after all).

They worry about their partner mocking them for being too small and as such will actively avoid situations that might cause “shrinkage.” Manscaping can actually help your man here as well.

While it may not physically make his junk larger, trimming down or shaving all of that excess hair can make him appear up to two inches larger. Manscaping is basically the male version of a push-up bra. How’s that for a confidence boost?

He’ll Get the Sex Life He Wants

I don’t want to get too explicit here, but let’s just say that nobody likes having sexy playtime and flossing their teeth at the same time. Most of us would love to keep our man satisfied and fulfill his fantasies, but too much hair just kills the mood.

We know this all too well, which is a big part of the reason we spend so much time shaving, trimming or waxing ourselves. He does know that it’s not just so we’ll look good in a bikini, right? At any rate, once he realizes that the key to an even better sex life is just a manscaping session away, it shouldn’t take him too long to buy his own grooming scissors.

He’ll Be Happier

So far we have talked about four benefits of manscaping for your man. All of these factors will have one end result: your man will feel much happier all around.

He will have an increased sense of self-confidence, he will feel healthier, he will look better, and he’ll love the benefit to his sex life. These are all important components to overall happiness. When you feel confident and healthy, look good, and your partner is attracted to you, it’s hard not to feel content with life.

In short, if you want to convince your man to start manscaping, you should probably talk about the benefits to him such as increased self-confidence, better hygiene, looking bigger, an enhanced sex life, and overall happiness.

If you have any other suggestions or want to share your experience with convincing your man to start manscaping, please leave a comment! Thank you for reading!

Author Bio: Wesley is the owner of iManscape.com. A site for men, beards, and grooming. To see more from him, like this post on electric shavers, visit his website or like iManscape on Facebook.

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