4 Reasons You Should Buy Loose Diamonds

“Diamonds”- The word itself sounds so radiating that you can’t resist from getting it. Buying diamond is a big deal for sure. If you want to propose your girlfriend or simply want to invest your money, you always find yourself in a dilemma whether to shop loose diamonds or the mounted one.      

Though we have seen people who prefer the mounted diamonds as they are ready to use and probably more appealing, the loose diamonds hold their own advantages. Here are some benefits of buying loose diamonds you must consider before making your purchase.

  1. Give More Consideration to Stone’s Quality

While buying the jewelry, you consider various factors like design, price range, the type of metal such as platinum, gold or silver etc. These points often make you forget an essential thing of consideration i.e. the quality of the stone.

However, at the time of buying loose diamonds, you do not need to consider anything except its quality. Nonetheless, the quality check of a diamond itself is a crucial task as you need to examine various factors viz. clarity, color, cut and the carat. Though it seems to be a small thing, all the four factors demand a high level of precision.

Buying loose diamonds give you scope to verify its quality properly as you have no other thing to contemplate along with it.    

  1. Get the Best Suitable Option in Your Budget

Cost is the prime consideration when you are buying something really precious. A diamond purchase is not a day to day transaction. You buy it out of your life savings hence you have to be extra-vigilant while setting the budget for the same.     

The jewelers ordinarily have a specific set of jewelry at different price range. There are chances that you may not get what you want in your budget. You either have to stretch your budget or compromise your choice.

Buying loose diamonds does not have such problems. You can get one of your choices without any compromise. As you are paying only for the diamond and not the metal, you can even have the flexibility of budget to get the better quality diamond.

  1. Flexibility of Choice

How embarrassing would it be for you when your girlfriend liked your proposal but not the ring? Loose diamonds can surely rescue you from such a situation.

You can plan a surprise with the loose diamond and later on can get the ring of her choice. By doing that your beloved can choose the metal and the design of her preference but then the question arises, how to propose with a loose diamond? Well, you can ask your jeweler to provide you with a clasp-foe ring that can be used temporarily.

  1. Best for Investment

Even if you don’t want to buy the diamond and want it for investment, buying loose diamonds is an unquestionably better alternative. When you invest in jewelry, there are high chances that the quality of metal shall deteriorate over a period depreciating its value. However, that’s not the case with loose diamonds. Its quality level will never be degraded. Besides, being a precious stone, its market value will always accelerate making your investment safe and secure.

The benefits of buying loose diamonds are endless. Nonetheless, you are advised to consider factors like occasion, budget, and choice of the individual you are buying it for, market trend etc. before buying a loose diamond. Also, make sure you get it from an authentic jeweler. You can also browse for Townsquarejeweler.com, one of the leading online jewelers.

The ball is in your court now. It’s time to take the decision and get the best for you.

By Daniel Clark

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