Saree Fashion Trends – Bollywood Inspired Latest Retro and Indian Fashion Sarees

You can find many of the top celebrities wearing nice and elegant sarees when arriving for the promotion of a movie, serial or any other function. Retro has become a timeless classic and buzzword that are again into a trend. These remarkable, fashionable and time-tested designs are what makes them a lot more appealing than ever before.

What are some of the retro designs that drive people crazy?


Bollywood actors and actresses acting in television soaps and movies flaunt their new and impressive outfits in enchanting designs to create their style symbol.  Some of the most admired styles are blonde pixie bobs, highlighted cheekbones, high-waist trousers, floral design chiffon based sarees and high hair up-dos, sleek ponytails, lehenga suits, bell bottoms, and floral dresses.  

Along with this, interesting blouse designs make your look really flattering and gorgeous. Sleeveless or sleeve designs of blouses offering gorgeous retro look have been seen sported by several favorite fashionistas today.

Fancy Florals


If you are hoping to dress in a retro look, then fabulous florals would go best on you. Even if you do not like floral prints, you should develop a craze for them. This is because such type of prints make you look extremely classic and charming.

From alluring floral sarees to skinny summer dresses and gowns, floral design dress looks awesome on anyone. These designs are creating waves and are considered to be one of the simplest ways to get an authentic old-fashioned feel to the look of the wearer.

Grey Colored Georgette Printed Saree


Georgette sarees have been worn since olden days. You can find several beautiful legendary personalities wearing them and look effortlessly well with the thrilling collection of summer dresses. Most of the popular types of summer special sarees include georgette and chiffon sarees with flowery embroideries and prints.

Heavy Neckpieces and Chokers


Sarees with swan necks, chokers and heavy neckpieces gives you a lovely retro look. Dressing in such elegant and shapely necklines is again in trend. Pairing heavy neck ornaments with old fashioned sarees, salwar suits, blouses, lehengas, makeup and hairdos help you stand apart from others.

For those irresistible second glances, dressing in a retro styling and spectacular neck pieces is the right way. Another conventional way is to wear a choker that has got a deep neckline. This is ideal to be worn by ladies with a longer neck. A classic up-do and light make up would get you the much-needed retro look.

Dangling earrings do not suit on such dresses so it is the best to aim at a single statement accessory. Ladies who have got a short neck should choose to wear V-shaped jewelry to enhance its look. Ladies with short neck should also avoid heavy accessories for the neck or heavily embroidered blouses or kurtas.

The craze for Bollywood inspired outfit is back again. With hundreds of all time classic designs and styles, try them to look exceptionally attractive, youthful and fresh.  


  1. I simply looove sarees and the second one, shown by actress Deepika Padukone is really so feminine ad amazing! Hope you are fine and having a lovely week!

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