Stop Doubting Your Own Sense of Fashion

Everyone has their own sense of style regardless of what you might think. Even if you’re not used to shopping at luxury brands or if you wear the same few outfits when you’re going out, you still have a sense of style that is unique to you. Perhaps it’s influenced by the types of celebrities you follow, or maybe your need to fit in with your friends and caused you to purchase similar clothing to them. Whatever life decisions or choices you make, your fashion is ultimately shaped by your surroundings.

However, there are times when we’ll start to doubt our own sense of fashion. This is usually a result of someone making fun of the things we wear, or perhaps we see photographs in a fashion magazine and question if we could ever look like that in the future. As for magazines and publications, ignore most of those pictures. While the clothes look stunning, keep in mind that a lot of those images are post-processed using tools like Photoshop to make them look stunning. If you feel like you’re losing your sense of fashion or have no idea about the direction your next outfit should take, then here are some points to keep in mind.


Wear What Makes You Comfortable

You don’t have to follow the latest fashion trends in order to feel comfortable with what you wear. Many people find that their fashion choices are influenced by those around them, and while it’s understandable because you don’t want to seem like an outcast or look completely different to your friends, it’s also not healthy for your own sense of style. Don’t doubt your own choices. If you find that something looks great, then wear it with pride. You don’t need to think about what others are going to say about your fashion sense, and you don’t need to concern yourself with snide comments that others make.

Some people will put anyone down about the fashion they wear unless it’s from a well-known clothing label and your outfit costs more than $2,000. It’s absolutely ridiculous, and you should immediately ignore the opinions of people who make fun of the things you wear. You don’t need to feel odd or weird about wearing something that is different to the people around you. There are plenty of great fashion labels and stores such as Verge clothing that offer a fantastic collection of clothing for affordable prices. However, you can also pick up amazing bargains in thrift stores and regular high street stores. There’s no such thing as unacceptable fashion (unless, of course, there are questionable images or offensive slogans on the garments) and you’re free to express yourself however you want.

Expression is another thing to keep in mind. Far too many people think that the clothes they wear can’t represent their personal style, but it’s far from the truth. If you think carefully about your friends and family members, you could probably visualise the type of clothing they would wear. Perhaps a friend loves hoodies and would wear them in any season, maybe another one of your friends enjoys tight clothing to show off their body, or perhaps you know someone that always buys a size bigger because they like baggy clothing. Everyone has their personal style, and it’s up to you to realise this and wear what makes you comfortable.

Fashion is a way to express yourself, so wear the colours you want, wear the type of garments you enjoy and stop thinking so much about what others think of you. You can wear your favourite cartoon characters on your shirts if you want, or you could have your name printed on the back of your favourite jacket. It doesn’t matter what designs you wear as long as you personally feel comfortable wearing them.


Don’t Buy Into Exclusivity For the Wrong Reasons

One of the psychological tricks that fashion companies employ to sell more products is the idea of exclusivity. They purposely create fewer items so that there’s more demand, and they charge ludicrous prices in an attempt to separate the rich from the poor and the dedicated from the indifferent. Paying more for something because it’s part of an exclusive collection doesn’t mean you have a better sense of fashion. It does speak volumes about how dedicated you are to fashion or a particular brand, but it doesn’t mean you’re any worse or better than someone who couldn’t care less.

Let’s face it, you should only purchase something from an exclusive collection if you’re a dedicated follower of the brand. For example, if you love the type of clothing that a label releases or if you think their concept of fashion suits your personal style, then go for it. Don’t let comments from other people determine the type of brands you wear. If you find something that looks amazing to you and could fit your outfit, then there’s nothing wrong with spending an extra $50 on a shirt. It might sound a lot, but if it’s something you’ll be wearing and feeling comfortable in, then what’s the big deal? Value is in the eye of the beholder, so pay what you think is a reasonable price and avoid it if it’s too expensive for your budget.


Another good reason to purchase expensive fashion items is if the quality is good. Sturdy construction and clean prints are two things to look out for when buying high-end fashion. If the clothes don’t look good or if they don’t fit correctly on your body, then it’s probably not worth the price tag. However, if it feels comfortable, will last a long time and looks amazing, then go for it. Some companies use lower quality materials when producing their garments yet still try to sell them as if they were exclusive items. The truth is, good quality clothing takes a long time to make. The prints are likely made by hand and great care is taken to ensure the garments won’t rip and tear under regular use. If you’re going to pay a lot for clothing, then make sure it’s well made and will last a long time.



Believe in Your Own Style

Stop trying to fit your sense of fashion into someone else’s mould. Be your own person when it comes to fashion and stop trying to follow another person’s lead or trying to fit in with the crowd. It’s important to wear what feels comfortable so that you can actually stand wearing those clothes in public. If you hate yourself every time you walk out the door then what good is your outfit? It’s just going to be a waste of time and money to put it together.

Everyone should feel comfortable in their own garments. Purchase things that you think look great and stop worrying so much about the price tag. If it seems undervalued, then try it on and make sure the construction is fine so that it won’t fall apart after a couple of washes. If it seems too expensive, then remember that you’re paying for high-quality clothing that will last a long time, and it’s probably part of an exclusive selection that will fit your sense of fashion.

Stop letting others negatively affect how you perceive fashion. Instead, put faith in yourself so you can walk out the door and feel great about the clothes you wear, the accessories you adorn yourself with and the hairstyle that you picked.

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