6 Wedding Tasks You Need To Delegate

For a bride, her wedding day is supposed to be one of the perfect days in her life. However, it is also a day when everything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Unfortunately, these tiny details can make the future bride feel overwhelmed and exhausted, not to mention that it could ruin this special day for her and the guests. In order to prevent this disaster scenario, you should consider that this is your special day and sometimes it’s to let the others to the work.

Here are some tasks you should consider not doing on your wedding day:

Outfit and Make up

When it comes to your wedding dress, the only person that should be concerned with it is your tailor. If there are some alternations to be done, no matter how insignificant they may seem, do not do it on your own. Let the professional sew the loose parts and repair it because it’s better to be on the safe side with wardrobe malfunctions. Many brides also prefer going to the make-up artist in order to enhance their look. Again, getting some help or advice from a professional can be very useful if you like  experimenting with your look.


Another task that can be quite tedious is sending the invitations. For brides as well as for grooms, choosing the design among many different, agreeing on it and sending takes ages to do. Sometimes, it’s better to ask your friends to give you a hand with it. Moreover, if you have a big family or a big group of friends, engage them in this activity, because what are friends for? You could enjoy each other’s company, while still getting some work done for your perfect day.

A ride for the guests

Many family relatives and friends confirmed their presence and you have a lot of people coming to your wedding ceremony. You might feel like having a panic attack because they might be late due to traffic. One thing that you can do is ask a family member to pick up your friends waiting at the airport or carpool together if they prefer traveling by car. Since they are heading in the direction, why not travel together? It’s not only eco-friendly but also it’s an opportunity to make new friends.

Transportation and heavy lifting
If you have ever participated in a wedding, you know that there is a bunch of things to be done and moved around. Of course, a bride should never be bothered with these tasks. Neither should her family nor the guests. Her job is to enjoy her special day. The best solution would be to hire organized professionals  e.g. Yourmatesremovals and let them do what they the best such as heavy lifting, carrying bags to the venue, transportation of any packages or gifts to the honeymoon suite. Don’t get caught up with tasks that you needn’t worry about.


Decoration and food

You will always need an extra hand with flowers arrangements and decoration for the wedding ceremony. For this particular task, it is probably better to seek help from experienced wedding planners in Delhi or near you. You should never leave the decoration in the hands of an amateur, because you may risk having a wedding that some of your guests may find kitschy or in bad taste. You should also entrust your wedding planner with the food. The food needs to be to the liking of every guest if you have vegetarian friends. But don’t forget, you should try the frosting of the cake.


After hiring the right band that will make your special day even better, you also needn’t worry about their performance. Don’t just make a song list that you would like to listen to. It’s a celebration; feel free to include songs that your family or friends are fond of listening. Maybe those songs are not to your first choice, but you would like your guests to enjoy themselves and have a night to remember. Therefore, letting them take part in making the song list could make them feel happy and clear your busy schedule.

A new chapter

Therefore, it would be a pity if your special day was not a success due to some things that could have easily been resolved, such as food or decoration. Needless to say, your wedding day is one-time occasion when the spotlight is on you and your loved ones and you will have a chance to celebrate together a new chapter of your life.

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