What To Wear For Your Big Day

You can wear whatever you want for your own wedding, whether that be the traditional white dress, or something silvery like they would in times gone by, or neither of these options. As someone attending a wedding, there’s a lot of undefined choice there, but the only rule there is to abide by is ‘no white.’ As the bride, and the groom, we can feel that there’s a few more unspoken rules. However, do what works for you. Below are a few tips on what to wear for your big day that’s comfortable and keeps you looking the best you ever have.


Underneath the Dress (if you’re wearing one)

Don’t wear a bra unless you truly need to; it can just be sweaty and uncomfortable otherwise, and may even ruin the ensemble with its outline. A quick try on in the middle of the afternoon may not capture the true spirit of the dress staying up and showing you off for most of the day, so ask around about a particular piece’s structure in terms of lingerie. If you’re not sure about how much support a dress may give you, ask someone at the shop or even your tailor if you have one.

When it comes to underwear, there’s a lot of freedom. This works well if you have a roomy dress with a wide bustle and thick fabric, as you can wear whatever you want, whether it be sexy, classic, or the old pair you like to keep comfortable in. Similarly, if your dress is form fitting, or has a thinner material with more of a sheen to it, try some seamless underwear to keep the piece looking as good as it should.


Lacy or Thin Sleeves

Gone are the days of puffy arms, and short sleeve numbers should be reserved for the bridesmaid. If you want to look like pure elegance on your wedding day, of course wear what you want, but help it along with some long sleeves. If you have a ring such as that of 77 Diamonds, make sure it’s on prominent display.

Sleeves help present such a good image of an ethereal being, if that’s what you want to go for. Having a glove ending to your sleeve can often show off your hands in the best ways, and also point downwards, making your manicured nails and ring look highlighted and glamorous; it feels soft and silky as well.


On Top of Your Head

For a veil, a simple coronet or tiara always works well, but sometimes it can feel a little stale. Flowers always look nice in pale colors, and can match up or complement your bouquet. Wrapping them around a simple head band means you also have a practical head piece to keep your updo perfectly together. Flowers also work with every hair colour, so if you feel your red hair is too stark against some silvery jewellery, give them a whirl.

Voila! Make your big day outfit special with these tips.


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