Top 5 Fashion Trends That Came Back

You are thinking your wardrobe needs to be upgraded so that you do not fall behind of fashion? We kindly suggest you considering all the items your mother and grandmother have in their wardrobe before the implementation of your decision, as among the old and forgotten items, you may find everything necessary  to create the most fashionable looks of this season.

While the years pass by, the fashion makes the next circle and all forgotten things come to take the priority once again.

So we decided to look back and see what are the top five trends that have made a comeback and occupied the mind and hearts of thousands of fashion followers!

Nightgown dresses

It was 1995, that Gianni Versace’s collection of nightgown-like dresses made a boom. However odd they were at first, soon after fashioners fall in love with them. The popularity of this type of dresses increased even more, when Princess Diana wore a Dior dress in the nightgown-style at the solemn event at the Metropolitan Museum. Nowadays the trend is back, moreover, this season it will be fashionable to wear corsets and bras over t-shirts and dresses


Total jeans look

In 90s, a pair of jeans was enough to make an impression on the public. In spite of the fact that wearing jeans would not surprise anyone anymore, total jeans look has returned to fashion.

All forms of jeans jackets and coats with or without decorations are again trendy. What refers to the trousers, high-waist jeans have established their popularity and are often combined with short-cut tops.



In the 90’s a variety of necklace-chokers ranging from the most laconic models, i.e. a simple velvet ribbon to the unusually decorated ones, became a fashion hit.

Today, chokers have been granted another chance to capture the minds of all women interested in fashion. Just a note: if you do not want to scour around the shopping centers in search of the necklace, just look in the sewing store – there are a lot of ribbons and laces (velvet, satin and even leather) you can use to create different images.



Being initially used by warriors, backpacks were brought into fashion considering their practicality and were warmly greeted among tourists and sportsmen, due to the simple reason that it would not eliminate their movements.

Fashion trends can combine comfort and beauty, come to prove the backpacks that occupy the top position. The colors of handbags and accessories often used on them highlight the personality of the wearer thus easily taking the place of any other type of handbag, and meanwhile make an ideal complement to any style.


Voluminous shoulders

Another flashback we currently witness is the trend of voluminous shoulders, which were highly popular in 80’s. It goes without saying that too bulky shoulders do not flatter the female silhouette; still the practice shows that the idea of combining masculine and feminine features in different cloths has always established their success on the catwalks. Thus, many fashion houses have issued a huge number of clothing models with emphasized oversize shoulders. Nevertheless, if you still do not like the idea of looking a bit masculine, still want to follow the fashion you can try combining oversized men’s cut jackets with feminine dresses and jeans.

Conclusion: do not throw away your dresses just because they are out of fashion. You would not even notice how they would come back into fashion! And besides, who knows, maybe you will need documentary proof to make your daughters or granddaughters believe that your generation was exactly as stylish as theirs.

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