Wedding Proposal Tips (Jeulia Halloween Halo Ring Big Discount)

When a man takes the big decision and he knows that she’s the one, nothing can stop him from changing his mind. Then a big dilemma arises – how to pop the question. Your friends can be a source of ideas for unique wedding proposals. But do you really trust your friends on such a big moment for you and your other half?

If your friends haven’t reached this milestone in their lives, they may not be able to give advice that will meet your girlfriend’s expectations and find the ring of her dreams.

Here are some tips to make sure she will say ‘I do’.

Pop the question with an alternative ring

In case your bride-to-be loves jewelry, then the ring will play a big role for her. Browse jewelry sites like jeulia and you will find a piece to impress her. Her best friends or close female relatives like sister or mother can be a great help if you can be in touch with them without letting your girlfriend know. A double halo engagement ring is very popular and if your woman follows the latest trends, she is going to love it.rrg1202-1_3_

The size matters

Your proposal day will be a day to remember for both of you, but your fiancée will want to share the news with everyone and show off her ring. So, ordering the right size is very important. If the ring is too small she won’t be able to put it on her finger and she will have to keep it in the box to show it to others, while if it is too big it will be disappointing too as it is going to look funny and there’ s going to be stressful not to lose it before you get the right size ring. When looking for halo engagement rings, there is a guide to help you find the correct ring size.rza1027-22_4_

Be unconventional

Does your woman like surprises? Be unconventional and pop the question when she doesn’t expect it. Kneel down on one knee and instead of offering her a ring, take her in front of your computer and let her look for her favorite ring herself. This will take a lot of stress off your shoulders as she will have the chance to choose the halo ring of her dreams and you won’t have to worry that she doesn’t like the one you picked for her.


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