Solar Eclipse Protective Gear: A Shopping Guide

After the phenomenal Great American Solar Eclipse on the 21st of August 2017, people are still very much in awe. They are now waiting eagerly for the solar eclipse in 2024.Although the August eclipse was actually a lifetime event beyond compare there are still astronomy enthusiasts, who are looking forward to the future solar eclipses. You would be requiring special solar eclipse protective or safety gear. We are discussing this now as the solar eclipse viewing optics could also be utilized for solar viewing in general.

Why do you need to indulge in solar observation? You know pretty well that the sun is forever there. All the rest of the celestial bodies like the meteor shower, the planets, or even the moon’s phase keep coming and going in cycles. Some of them would have to wait for months or even years. This is not so in the case of the sun that rises every single day without fail.Traditional astronomy would be necessitating a lot of late nights to catch up with rare and spectacular cosmic events.

As solar observation involves an extremely niche market, you would not find too many people who would be really understanding these enthralling views. The sun has lots to offer in terms of visual experiences right from the corona, coronal mass ejections, and chromosphere to the sunspots, filaments, and flares. Enjoy solar eclipse, Montana with appropriate safety gear.

Goggles, Sunshades, & Binoculars

The solar shade is supposed to be the most basic item of all solar observing equipment. The solar shade is actually made of cardboard or heavy-stock paper. It has got Mylar lens that would be blocking over 99.99 percent of the visible light along with IR and UV. Solar eclipse glasses are designed specifically for wearing during the eclipse to look at the sun. Often sunshades, goggles, and solar photo filters are available in convenient packs or observing & imaging kits for astronomy clubs or schools. Celestron and Vision Optics are reputed brands that come up with solar optics including sunshades, solar eclipse safety glasses, solar filters and some other accessories.

The solar binoculars are traditional-looking binoculars; however, there are some solar filters that are installed on the binoculars’ front objectives. The reputed brands in solar binoculars are Lunt Solar systems and Celestron. These come in a broad spectrum of configurations and that may include 10×25 and also 10×42. As these are known to have very low to no magnification, only the sun’s disk would be visible to you without any major detailing.

Solar Telescope

Lunt Solar Systems and Coronado are the two key players offering solar telescope. A typical solar telescope would be built just like a conventional refractor style and has purpose-built filters. These boast of a specialized system which would be allowing you to isolate or tune the wavelength.


The sun is used to presenting an amazing array of constantly changing experiences and sights to which nothing in conventional astronomy could compare. Now is the time for you to go shopping for solar eclipse safety gear for protecting your eyes. Enjoy sky watching.

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